Tahani Nelson
With vibrant details and a rich narrative, Ben Thomas' The Cradle and the Sword is an absolute MUST for anyone who loves history and storytelling.
G.K. Lamb
The story starts with a simple premise “the king is dying, who will succeed him?” and quickly spirals into complexity. Lush details, and poignant dialogue that propels the story forward move you through the story eager for the pages to come. The Mesopotamian backdrop is rich and vibrant and a perfect setting for the intrigue. I gobbled up the first chapter and wanted more.    
Christopher Lee
Thomas crafts prose that transport the reader through time and tosses them into the world of antiquity. His descriptions are as rich and as decadent as the times in which he guides us through. Whether Thomas is describing the bedroom of a dying King, the gluttony of poppy abusing noble woman, or the cursing of bloody warriors you can't help but be mystified by the attention to detail. The Cradle and the Sword feels like living history, and Thomas has made the white page a window into the soul of the human soul. This is by far one of the best projects I have seen on Inkshares! 
Stephen Carignan
Rich in detail, compelling in plot, and fully realized in a three dimensional world, The Cradle and the Sword sets up a great interplay between the characters we've been introduced to and the ones we have yet to see. In addition to all of that, the pacing is wonderful and deftly takes the reader on a journey. I look forward to reading more!
Michael Cooper
Brilliant detail, powerful depth. It's a fascinating time, and Thomas takes us there.
Christopher Lee
Decadent and full of intrigue! Thomas has brought us living history, by using the written word as if it were a time traveling device. You can feel every aspect of his world. This is by far one of the best projects I have seen on Inkshares!
Eric H. Heisner
Excellent writing that will bring you right into the smells, sights and mysteries of the kingdom. A great start to a dramatic tale.
John Bevan
The excerpts so far have been really a enjoyable read, with some fantastic lines and intriguing content. I discovered Ben through his When Roman Barbarians met the Asian Enlightenment article on Medium; if his book's anything near as interesting, I'm in.
J. Graham-Jones
I love the setting and the premise. Each of the sample chapters, which are wonderfully written and feature an intriguing cast of characters, ends with a tantalising 'To be continued in the book...' - a real motivator to get this book funded!
Daniel Poort
If historical-fantasy is your bag, this one is definitely worth a look.