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Faoii leader. Most people would probably just translate that as "author." But most people would also translate my warriors as simply "readers," too. Most people would be wrong.
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After her monastery is attacked and her sisters slaughtered, young Kaiya-faoii is left alone to fight back against a dark army and darker betrayal.
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Hey, friends-- I need people more qualified than me to look at this awesome draft. I absolutely LOVE it, but the concepts are more advanced than what I can adequately respond to. Can more science-oriented people than I follow it and help make it GREAT?
Everyone should look at this. The trailer alone is spectacular. A world inhabited by all the different genres we love-- fighting each other? Amazing.
The Oniyum has vanished.  War has come to Kabathan.  A Mech pilot is sent deep into enemy territory, where all goes quickly awry and he finds himself surrounded by Elves, Wizards and the acrid stench of Magic.
With vibrant details and a rich narrative, Ben Thomas' The Cradle and the Sword is an absolute MUST for anyone who loves history and storytelling.
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