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Michael Cooper

Don’t mind the gristle.  Don’t mind the sweet.  I love it when it makes me cry.  I like nice whisky and cheap wine.  I’ll drink coffee any way but decaff.
Michael is the author of
I’ve taken a hiatus from this project, and am writing stories for my children.  Go read Robot Space Castles.  It’s awesome fun for all ages!
Jaron’s robotic arm has always gotten him in trouble.  Then evil robot Dark Stars start to invade, and he has to learn to trust his robotic companion even as he questions his own strange origins.  In the high octane adventure, he discovers a hero.
During a fit, little Goldie Locks finds a brass wheel behind the books on her shelf. It had never been there before. What will happen if she turns it?
How do we teach our kids to think critically, without taking the magic out? I believe in Santa Clause, and I want our children to keep believing too! To start, we have let them build ideas that will make sense as they mature. (Pics soon)
A fantasy love story. An adventure of subtle magnificence. Promises and delivers from beginning to end.
Books Michael Recommends
Dark and intriguing. A detailed world well realized!
Thana, a half-succubus, has been sold into service. Her fight for survival awakens powers she has never known.
And why not already?! The world could use more pretentious authors and more Middle Earth! Keep up the good work!
Have you ever wondered what happened after the elves left? What has the Age of Men wrought? A proposed sequel to the Lord of the Rings.
Who can say no to a properly-armoured sword-weilding princess?!
A princess and friends travel cross country to find the source of the assassins and put an end to it.
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