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chapter 3

The next few moments were like flashes of lighting.

Everything happened so fast that the guard standing nearby did not even have a second to catch his breath. Her muttbit had leaped onto Queen Ozma and pinned her down, just as Glinda pulled out her wand and instinctively pointed it at the muttbit.

One would have expected a spell shooting towards the bear-sized creature, but everything came to a standstill after the split second of chaos. There was hesitation in Glinda’s eyes as the muttbit had its jaw opened above Queen Ozma’s neck. All it needed to do was shut its heavy jaw and the young queen would be dead.

That hesitation was the third sign of victory, and it was now right outside her door.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry. My muttbit has trust issues,” she said.

“What do you want?” Glinda demanded in a rather calm manner.

Queen Ozma was now sobbing with her face turned away from the ugly creature.

“Didn’t I tell you already? I want to be the new queen of Oz.”

“Do you think you can just take the throne?”

“Of course I can, unless you want to feed your queen to my pet,” she said with a smile.

Glinda looked aghast, but she also bore a look of defeat. Walking up to Glinda, the self-proclaimed new queen took the wand from her hand and snapped it in two. She then reached for Glinda’s necklace but Glinda immediately pushed her hand away. 

“You cannot take this,” Glinda stated.

She did not reply, instead she turned to her muttbit and asked, “Are you hungry, baby?”

Her muttbit gave a low growl as its saliva continued dripping onto the young queen’s fragile neck.

That itself was a good enough threat and Glinda voluntarily pulled her own necklace from her neck and handed it over.

“Thank you,” she said cheerily. “Now, for my first order! I shall be known as the New Queen of Oz. And those who fail to obey me will die,” the New Queen said as she removed the diamond from the necklace.

“Please let Queen Ozma go,” Glinda boldly said.

“Don’t interrupt me!” the New Queen shouted.

She clutched the diamond in her palm and pointed her finger at Glinda. Just as the New Queen had expected, a spell shot from her finger and struck Glinda on the throat. Within a split second, sharp thorns appeared and twisted around her neck, choking her as it did.

When the young queen saw what was happening, she screamed for help but no one came to the rescue. The soldiers were afraid for Queen Ozma’s safety, but at the same time afraid to face the same fate as Glinda.

“Don’t kill her!” Queen Ozma screamed, ignoring the angry growls of the muttbit.

“I won’t,” the New Queen said as she undid the spell. When Glinda had a gasp of air, she passed out immediately.

For a brief moment, the New Queen could not believe how easy it was. She now had the most powerful magic in her hand and she could do whatever she wanted with it. As the diamond glowed within her palm, she felt the surge of power through her body. From there she knew how weak Glinda was, especially when she needed a wand to channel her magic. But of course, she was different. She was still fresh and ready to rule. 

“Summon the rest, baby,” she commanded her muttbit.

The muttbit raised its head and gave a loud long howl. Queen Ozma was still pinned beneath the creature and unable to free herself. When the New Queen’s guards arrived, she ordered them to take Glinda to the dungeons. Then, she kindly requested for Queen Ozma to show her the queen’s chamber.

Queen Ozma did not have much of a choice as the New Queen rested her heavy and magic filled hands on the young queen’s shoulders. There were also three large muttbits tailing them, and they never stopped growling.

As the New Queen strutted down the hallways, no one did anything to stop her. The soldiers could only watch as the royal palace was taken over by the New Queen. It didn’t take them long to realize that those who attempted to fight back would be torn in two, without even the use of magic. The New Queen was no doubt a genius when she bred her little army of muttbits.

When they finally reached the queen’s chamber, the New Queen was pleased to find the huge room so beautifully decorated.

“It looks like I don’t need to change it much,” she said.

There was a wide silk covered bed, a large fireplace, a skilfully carved dressing table, and a tall mirror. The tall mirror stood at a corner with a green glass frame. There were intricate cravings in the glass and it looked beautiful under the sunlight that was shining in from an open window.

“Ozma,” the New Queen said, “I found you a new home.”

The young queen looked at the New Queen confused.

“What are you talking about?” Queen Ozma asked.

“Do you like this mirror? I think it’s wonderful,” the New Queen said as she walked towards it.

“My father had it made for my mother.”

“So you like it, of course.”

“Yes,” Queen Ozma replied, but she wasn’t too happy to do so. From her expression, the New Queen could tell that she was probably trying to come up with an escape plan. Unfortunately for her, she was not escaping anytime soon.

“Good. Because it’s going to be your new home!” the New Queen announced.

Queen Ozma still did not understand what she meant, but when she watched the New Queen touch the mirror with the diamond, she began to panic.

As the diamond made contact with the mirror, it turned into a silvery liquid. The New Queen pushed her finger through just to test it, and upon another successful magic spell, she smiled from ear to ear.

“What are you going to do?!” Queen Ozma demanded.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt a bit.”

The New Queen pointed her finger at Queen Ozma’s chest and pulled her towards the mirror. The young queen attempted to struggle, but she found herself paralyzed. No matter how hard she tried, the force was too strong and her legs were frozen in place.

When Queen Ozma was an inch away from the silvery liquid, the New Queen reached for the crown on her head.Upon placing it on her own head, the New Queen gave the young queen a slight push and she disappeared into the liquid.

Moments later, the liquid returned to its original form and Queen Ozma was behind it. She was in the reflection of her own bedchamber and she could never get out. As she pounded her fists against the glass, there was no sound of her screams or vibrations from her angry fists.

The New Queen watched for a few minutes, laughing as though she heard a funny joke. When she finally grew tired, she clapped her hands together and said, “It’s time to make Oz mine.But first, there needs to be a celebration!”

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