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chapter 5

The tiny fairy fluttered out of the dark dungeons unsure on what to do next. Glinda held back further instructions when the feathered guards appeared, and the tiny fairy had no choice but to leave. Birds had a way of smelling fairies and closing their beaks on them.  

As the tiny fairy flew out into the night sky, she stood on the New Queen’s statue for a while and watched the terrified citizens chomp down their dinner. There was also an empty seat at the New Queen’s table and the tiny fairy wondered where the Nome had gone to. When she began imagining the worst, she expanded her wings and left Emerald City.

That night was cold and windy. A few minutes of flying took so much of her strength that she slumped against a tree branch the moment she saw one. She did not know what to do and all she could think about was returning home. But would it be too late then? As she propped herself against the tree bark, she tried to recall the memories she had of Dorothy.

Dorothy came to Oz not too long ago and defeated the wicked witch. She also had a few friends with her, and that memory itself sent the tiny fairy to her feet. Almost immediately, she knew who she should see. He always wore a high-crowned, wide-brimmed hat and he carried with him a leather bound book; he was none other than Scarecrow.

After Dorothy had left Oz, all her friends went separate ways. Tin Woodman became the emperor of the Winkies, Brave Lion was a Chief Guard in Emerald City, but heleft on duty before the arrival of the New Queen and was never seen since, and Scarecrow was said to be travelling the world for more knowledge. But, the tiny fairy knew better. She used to relay messages from Glinda to Scarecrow, and she was certain he had not left his castle in the woods.

Spreading her wings, the tiny fairy went on her journey. The castle was not a big one, nor was it intact. It was abandoned many years ago and parts of it had collapsed in. Scarecrow lived in one of the towers, where he read his books and studied ancient magic day and night. He only left for evening walks in the woods and would be back in his tower by nightfall. It is true that he once travelled the world, but after collecting so many books, he put his travelling days behind him and retired to reading.

When the tiny fairy arrived at the castle, the sun was just rising. Seeing that day was about to arrive, she wasted no time and headed straight to Scarecrow’s tower. Without a doubt, she found him asleep with an open book on his chest.

“Scarecrow!” she shouted, as she fluttered towards him. “Scarecrow, wake up!”

Scarecrow groggily opened his eyes and shot straight up.

“Tiny fairy, what are you doing here?” he asked.

“Glinda needs your help,” the tiny fairy replied.

“I am always at her assistance,” he said, as he took off his hat with a head nod.

“She needs you to bring Dorothy back to Oz.”

“Why?” Scarecrow raised an eyebrow.

“Haven’t you heard? Oz has a new queen, and she is wicked!”

“Like the witch from the west?”

“No, Scarecrow. She’s worse! How do you not know this?” the tiny fairy asked in genuine surprise.

“I haven’t been out a lot,” Scarecrow paused and silently scolded himself for locking himself away, “but I can bring Dorothy back.”

The tiny fairy clapped her hands in glee and watched Scarecrow get to work. Without having to refer to any book on his messy table, he pulled open a drawer and retrieved a torn piece of blue cloth.

Then turning to the fairy, he asked, “Do you have white fairy dust?”

The tiny fairy nodded her head and blew on her palm. Out of nowhere, white glittering flakes flew at him. Scarecrow grabbed an empty wooden bowl and collected a fair amount,and then he set the blue cloth on fire and threw it into the bowl. When the fire died out, he mixed the substances and poured them into a little pouch.

“Let’s take a walk, shall we?” Scarecrow said as he pocketed the pouch.

The two of them took a morning walk to an open field. There was no one around and it seemed to be the safest spot to do some magic. Placing the pouch on the grass, Scarecrow backed as far away as he could. When the pouch was barely in sight, he pulled out a matchbox and lit a match. As though he was so sure with his next action, Scarecrow flicked the match in the direction of the pouch. Only the tiny fairy was wondering if that was the smartest way of setting a pouch on fire.


It was the perfect day to spend outside, and Dorothy could not agree more. After breakfast, she grabbed a book and brought her dog, Toto, out into the field. Toto dashed about happily as she lied on her stomach for a good read. When Toto had enough of running, he sat right next to Dorothy and she began reading out loud.

Just as the story was picking up pace, Toto got to his feet and began barking at the sky. Looking up at the dark clouds, Dorothy knew something was not right. As she watched a swirl of wind make its way from the clouds to the grass a few feet away from her, Dorothy’s first instinct was to run. Dropping her book, she ran in the opposite direction with all her might. But when she turned for a quick look, she saw Toto glued in place. He was not running, but he kept on barking instead.

Not having much of a choice, Dorothy ran back to Toto. The moment she picked him up, she felt the strong wind pull her in. There was no point fighting a tornado and all she could do was scream.

Seconds later, Dorothy felt herself being thrown forward onto soft green grass. Dorothy was so confused at what had just happened, but before she could rationalize anything Toto slipped out of her grasps and barked happily as he ran from her. 

“Toto!” Dorothy called as she looked up, and to her shock came a rush of joy.

Offering a hand to help her up was her good friend Scarecrow. With a big smile on his face, he tipped his hat and said, “Welcome back, Dorothy.”

There was a sweet moment of reunion between the two, as Toto excitedly pounced around them. But what they did not know was that they were seen. 

The short burst of a tornado could be spotted miles away with a bird’s eye, and when one of the New Queen’s guards saw it, he ran to her chamber and hastily knocked on the door. He would have run in, but he still wanted to keep his head.

When the door did not open, he shouted, “Your highness, I saw a tornado! One like ours not too far from here! Someone has done magic!”

 A few seconds later, the door swung open and the New Queen stared right into her guard’s eyes.

“Not just magic, someone has arrived. Find out who!”

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