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Chapter 9

Aliens. Now let's talk about aliens.

Whenever anyone thinks of aliens today, we imagine all sorts of creative imagination. But the fact of the matter is that HUMANNAIRES may indeed be the first monkey­type aliens.

Without exceptional breakthroughs in technology, we will be unable to live without the atmosphere, food, fuel and habitat we carry with us. In this way, it is exactly the same as living underwater.

Underwater, in the seas. Land­humans are aliens to the dolphins and whales, and to the sharks and other fishes. But the question is, aliens or not, do we belong underwater?

That answer to that question is for each individual to decide for his or her self.

Many land­humans upon their first glimpse of a real shark in the water leave the water forever. In effect, these people choose to stay as land­humans.

But, for some of us, meeting with our first shark is like meeting a new neighbor, with new boundaries and new rules of conduct to learn and respect.

Humans who react this way are the people who choose to be space­humans (even if only in the water).

Like in the water, in space we are forever “learners”.

In space, HUMANNAIRES become “the new neighbors”, in a neighborhood that goes on forever.

And chances are when we meet our first space­shark, we will also soon encounter or learn of or first space­dolphin.

It will be meeting our first space­dolphin that our true nature and abilities will be put to the test.

Allow me to explain.

Think of other human beings, like you, from earth.

They are the same as you.

All human homo sapiens* from earth at this time pretty much appear the same.

There are many customs and traditions among us, some of which may be more or less agreeable to you or me, but essentially all human homo sapiens on earth are similar.

In fact, all of us are similar enough to communicate back and forth and to understand one another.

Now, imagine human beings from another world.

* Google homo sapiens.

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