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Chapter 3

Which lead us to our next subject,

Our life’s end does not have to be the end of us,
but it is the end of our turn. So, when and if we have to die,
make the end of your turn become the completion of an extraordinary life story.

 Yet, if you can,
why not just keep on living?

If you can successfully avoid getting hit by a runaway helicopter,
or having an old satellite fall the sky and land on you
or any other unluckiness which today might otherwise lead to your demise,
and you keep doing so at least until the time that you are 20 years of age,
chances are you will live another 100 years...or more!

Such is the promise
of humankind’s technological direction
at the very beginning of the 21st century.

Exactly how you will live another 100 years after age 20,
or what happens to make it so,
will be a surprise.

It wouldn’t be called a surprise
if we knew precisely what amazing things were to happen
or exactly how such things were going to take place.

There is no telling what discoveries
and advancements will be made over the coming years!

Consider this.

Approximately one hundred years ago,
in the first decade of the 20th century, society was without telephones,
automobiles, light bulbs, airplanes, or even radios,
almost anywhere.

Most of the world had not even heard of electricity—
because at that time it took scientists and researchers
nearly three months time to communicate new ideas and discoveries
to the rest of the world.

Nonetheless—only ten years later— by 1920,
telephones, radios, light bulbs, airplanes, and automobiles
were seen all over the world!

And at that time the whole world worked together

to build highways
and runways
and skyscrapers,
and to put up electric power poles and radio towers
...as fast as possible!

In just nine years, our world changed
from “horse-driven” to “automobile-driven”,
and everyone of us alive then helped make it happen together.

Now think about this.

Back around 1915,
it took three entire months
to send mail from one place to another.
And then another three months to get a reply!

Yet still, by 1924,
in ten years time,
everyone alive experienced and discovered
a world which had been completely reinvented.

Jump forward again,
one hundred years,
to the present,
here at the beginning of the 21st century.

We have even more discoveries and more inventions.

We have antibiotics, x-rays, microwaves, jet planes, nuclear submarines,
and space vehicles that have taken humankind to the moon and further!

We have satellites, fiber optics, silicon chips, video games, personal computers.
Plus all sorts of other inventions, discoveries, devices, utilities, and tools,
some of which are still brand new,
like the internet.

Where one hundred years ago
it took three months to get a letter from one place to another,
with the internet it now takes just three seconds to transmit mail
to anywhere on the planet.

Distance hardly makes a difference now.

And where our predecessors were there then
as horse-and-buggies
were to be replaced by automobiles and airplanes,
today we are here as space elevators,
antimatter, invisibility, quantum transportation,
space travel
becomes the new reality.

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