Scott Carss's latest update for The Adventures of MONOMAN

Mar 20, 2018

Dear Readers,

I’m sorry to bother you again, but this is an update in which I’m going to be entirely frank. It’s not completely about MONOMAN, but it involves it heavily.

At the moment I am not working on MONOMAN. It is my dream book, but I have to admit it is not a good first book. it’s too long and I don’t know if I have the experience to pull it off. I’m not even twenty yet.

Don’t worry I’m still writing. I have been working on an urban fantasy novel which I think is far more publishable at the moment. I’ve already finished over a quarter of the first draft in the last two days. That’s with a bit of writer’s block I ran into on the second, but then overcame. I’m going back to college on Monday (hooray!) which might slow my work down, but I hope to finish the first draft before then.

As for MONOMAN, I haven’t actually done much work on it in the past year. I’ve been frustrated with a lot of problems it has, but I know how to fix them. Once I get finished my urban fantasy novel I plan to completely overhaul a bunch of things. For example, my brother pointed out that Allen doesn’t feel old enough. He’s thirty six by the way and I plan to increase his age to forty one in the next draft for timeline reasons. I can do it, but it will mean rewriting many of his POVs. This is just one of many issues I plan on fixing.

Most of you probably didn’t stick around to read this wall of text, I know I wouldn’t. But I thank anyone who did. I promise to put my all into my new novel! I hope you have a wonderful day!

From, Scott Carss