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Scott Carss

Lover of science-fiction and fantasy. Aspiring writer hoping to realize his dreams.
Scott is the author of
An amateur super hero with the power to force others to monologue, a down on his luck thug running from his past and one of the newest members of the world’s largest superhero organization must join forces to overcome a threat to the entire world.
Once a professor; now a writer for a magicians’ magazine, Daniel WhiteWood investigates the strange phenomenon of the planes.
The bearer of this sword is prophesied to save the world. Except it seems to be misplaced. Seriously, where is it?
When a group of immortals threaten to jump start the apocalypse, monster hunter Isaac Marcus Francis will do whatever it takes to stop them. Even if that includes teaming up with the ones who know them best; other immortals.
Four adventurers embark on an urban quest to discover the origin of a cataclysmic event that took place a decade ago.
Cyberpunk airships. Set in an underground world where humanity is almost entirely agumented. A criminal is forcefully drafted into the military.
What are you supposed to do when the victim doesn’t exist and you’re seventy-five percent sure your pet hamster is involved?
Books Scott Recommends
Very interesting premise. Hope this gets published so I can read more.
In between the forces of Order and Chaos, is Jack Crosswell. Jack is just a normal guy working a dead end job. Except that now there’s two supernatural assassins that want him dead, a secret weapon and a best friend who predates time. All on Tuesday.
I love the writing style and ideas behind this book. If only I had the money to order it...
Can a reckless secret agent and a time-displaced scientist from the sixties stop a fanatical empire from toppling humanity’s fledgling utopia?
A lot of cool ideas here. Can't wait to see more.
Book 1. Dark secrets, forbidden love. Time-Travelers, Aeons and even Death himself. This is a blend of Science-fiction & High-Fantasy written in a way that allows the reader to create their own story. A trove of lost history.
Books Scott recently read
by Terry Pratchett
by C.S. Friedman
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