Kevin O’Coffey
I’m all in on this one. Well written, hysterical, this deserves a place on the shelf. What’s not to like? Well, let’s talk about that. I think that for one--Crap! You got me monologuing, too! Okay, okay. I give up. I will submit to your pre-sale whims.
Joseph Keeler
I don't laugh at written comedy, my brain only finds visual comedy funny. But this literally had me laughing so hard, my neighbors called the cops on me! Its also amazingly well written. Definitely put this one on your shelves ladies and gentlemen!
Stephen Carignan
Throughout my entire read through of this there was a smile on my face. A superhero who has the ability to make the bad guys monologue will have that effect. After all, how many carefully laid plans have become undone by the dreaded monologue. This narrative is a playful take on the superhero genre, but don't let that trick you into not seeing the deep social story underneath.
Jon Morgan
A really clever plot is alright on its own, but paired with Carss' skill this story becomes something really special. I'm very interested to see where this goes from here!
jacob browning
Love the very quirky superpower and split personality main character has. Should really check this out.
Robert Batten
I love the quirky premise of this book (very Dr Horrible-esque) and the engaging characters being set up.
If you don't laugh you're not human, think One Punch Man except the Lone Rider is the main character. Brilliant
Wesley Lowe
I like your writing style.
Marie Green
Very well written, and I love that the superpower is so odd, but unique at the same time! Definitely worth reading.
The Adventures of MONOMAN.
Ok, first. Wow. I laughed, and I laughed hard a couple of times.The Prologue I felt was the slowest part, but all books have either their slow beginnings or slow middles or mediocre ends. I really enjoyed this in all honesty of my heart it felt like I was reading a Manga or watching One Punch Man/Deadpool without the swearing and violence.
The similarities definitely can't be ignored in that area, and it works.
If you have time give this a read, especially if you're a fan of humor, superheros or anime, it made me smile and laugh.
Scott Carss is truly worth his weight in bushes.