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Tried doing a crowd funding campaign. My advice to those looking for avid fans: FINISH your book before you start! Itll make the process much smoother and help you seem like you want this. DO NOT RUSH. Thats the worst mistake you can make.
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Aellor is in peril. The Darkness is sprouting from the ashes of the past. The world cries out for a savior and one who can shine bright in the dark days to come. The light is fading fast, and everything hinges on the Prophecies of Aellor.
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Very interesting premise so far. I'm eager to see what more Miller has in store for us!
When Elizabeth is taken by angels to become a weapon in their war against demons, will she be able to resist the power they offer? When her brother, Connor, risks all to save her, will she even want to be saved?
Im loving this, its an awesome mix of two very different genres. Reminds me of Deadlands and Indiana Jones. Everyone who likes westerns will adore this! Also anyone who likes Indiana Jones.
The Burned follows eight travelers, each has their own reason to go after the gold, but only the survivors can get their treasure. Not your ordinary treasure hunt...
I don't laugh at written comedy, my brain only finds visual comedy funny. But this literally had me laughing so hard, my neighbors called the cops on me! Its also amazingly well written. Definitely put this one on your shelves ladies and gentlemen!
An amateur super hero with the power to force others to monologue, a down on his luck thug running from his past and one of the newest members of the world’s largest superhero organization must join forces to overcome a threat to the entire world.
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by David Eddings
by David Eddings
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