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An avid reader, nerd and aspiring author.
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After a vision of darkness brings him face to face with an ancient evil, a member of the Qivar takes actions into his own hands. Meanwhile, fate brings a band of broken warriors together where they must find their strength in each other to survive.
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I love historical tales and this alternate Arthurian tale following Madog is beautifully written and a must read.
The forgotten tale of King Arthur’s brother, Prince Madog, who discovers America when he follows the trail of King Solomon on a journey to find and restore the Grail before its magic is extinguished and the world falls under an eternal veil of darkness.
An intriguing fantasy tale off to a good start. Always a fan of magic I really like how the magic works so far. Check this book out if you haven't already.
Aellor is in peril. The Darkness is sprouting from the ashes of the past. The world cries out for a savior and one who can shine bright in the dark days to come. The light is fading fast, and everything hinges on the Prophecies of Aellor.
Love the very quirky superpower and split personality main character has. Should really check this out.
An amateur super hero with the power to force others to monologue, a down on his luck thug running from his past and one of the newest members of the world’s largest superhero organization must join forces to overcome a threat to the entire world.
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