Joseph Asphahani
Combining the immense scope of Mass Effect with the grittier, grounded, hard sci-fi feel of Alien is like a dream come true. Not since Lem's Solaris has the idea of a planet-sized intelligence so intrigued me. What an absolutely uncanny, unfathomable universe we live in, where creative minds like Evan Graham's can conjure stories from the dark unknown spaces between stars... I can't wait to see where his story leads. I don't consider myself the most-avid among avid sci-fi readers, but the mystery of Tantalus Depths has caught all my attention. It's worth yours too.
Regina McMenomy, Ph.D.
The world of Tantalus Depths is all encompassing. I was transfixed from the first moments on the ship through the journey the crew takes exploring the planet. The story captured my imagination, driving me to constantly guess at the next complication the crew might face, and question the big picture, often wondering aloud what would come next. I instantly connected to Mary feeling a deep kinship I only feel with the most profoundly crafted characters. Evan Graham delivers an engaging story told through beautiful prose, the absolute definition of great literature. 
Jamison Stone
Great video and very intriguing story. I look forward to adventure and mystery that awaits upon Tantalus Depths, not only for the crew of the Diamelen, but also SCARAB, their self-aware artificial intelligence, too!
Tantalus Depths is a book worth reading.Written with a care and passion that can be seen in every line and every sentence, the writer knows what he wants to put onto paper and is done in an almost poetic way.Tantalus Depths has very deep resemblances to 2001: Space Odyssey and Alien, however this is more of a love blending of the two than a rip-off. Feeling completely original with a great desire to read more than what's given to you. The lore tucked underneath the surface does not resemble a gimmick but rather as a natural source of the story. These things are normal to the crew, namely the AI SCARAB an eerie unsettling being that desires love--what? This isn't a love story with a female lead? But a epic sci-fi adventure with a woman? 
Give Tantalus Depths a look, the author Evan Graham has very clearly put a passion into this work.
Landon Trine
AI, far off planet, hard sci-fi, and a great author. Do yourself a favor and pre-order this one.
Reader Writer
Great book that once started you can't put down!
Christopher Lee
I'm sorry I can't do that Dave! I simply can't stress enough, how fantastic it is to explore the deep space of Tantalus Depths!
G. A. Finocchiaro
This is an impressive, fully realized world that Evan has created. It has the kind of solidity that hard sci-fi needs to intrigue its fanbase.
Ken Lindsey
Graham's writing in Tantalus Depths is as rich and deep as the world he's created. Pre-order your copy now if you haven't already!
Joseph Asphahani
Come closer. Stare just a little longer into Tantalus Depths and you might just realize the immensity of its mystery. A dangerously captivating book!