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Chapter 9- The Return

A few weeks went on, and we have been doing great! Itzka has been having an absolute party, living with Kiyoshi and I. The house has livened up! With smiles and laughter, the place lit up like the fourth of July! Itzka has been a really big help, and ever since I officially moved in, we have filled in all the empty space in the house.

Another typical day of school, with the usual. Kiyoshi and I would go to school, and leave Itzka at home to do some chores. I honestly don’t like the idea of leaving her at home, but I had no choice, and she can defend herself. She also knows how to call the police, if anything serious happens. When Kiyoshi and I got into our classroom, Kiyoshi talked to his buddies and I stood there listening.

I started to get into the conversation as well, because I didn’t want to look like some sort of ease dropper. So I tried putting my two cents in every now-and-then so I wouldn’t seem weird. I didn’t care if they didn’t like my opinion anyhow. Kiyoshi was always there to back me up.

Class started and we sat down. The class went by pretty quickly. We did not have any homework for the week in all of our classes, because it is spirit week. We would do a series of events and activities throughout the day. If we participate, we get extra credit on which ever class we participated in. Plus we would get to go to the dance, no matter what our grade is, for free.

I was looking forward to the dance. I was flushed with guys who wanted to go with me, but someone beat them to it. Kiyoshi asked me in front of the line of guys. He walked right through the crowd and everyone stopped. He stood in front of me bowed and knelt to the ground, took my hand and asked to go with him. As a gift, he gave me a purple rose corsage. Of course I said yes!

After all he is my boy friend! I have been waiting for him to ask me for a while now! After school, as I was walking to my locker to get my stuff, I had a weird feeling, like I was being followed. Everywhere I turned, no one was there. It was like that all day!

As I was walking down the hall with Kiyoshi, about to exit the school grounds, I thought I saw something, but when I looked no one was there. The second time I thought I saw someone/something, it was in the park on the way home. This time I chased it to a bush. As soon as I reached over and touched the bush, something pricked my finger!

“OUCH!” I pulled away from the bush, and I heard the sound of something running away. I looked at my finger, and a thorn was stuck in my finger. I couldn’t get it out. I was getting teary-eyed, Kiyoshi rushed over to me to see what was the matter. “Mitzow! Are you alright?” He asked, I nodded, “I got a thorn stuck in my finger, please help me. It hurts!” He looked at it, and I closed my eyes as he pulled it out.

He pulled my hand to his lips, and sucked the poison out of my cut. Then ripped his shirt, (I gasped) and wrapped my finger in it. “There you go.” I looked at my injury, it felt much better! I nodded, and hugged him, “Thank you! You’re the best boyfriend I have ever had!” “Now, lets go home!” I nodded and we walked home, the whole time, Kiyoshi never let go of me. It was nice, the warmth of him against me. I felt so secure.

That night, we had a great dinner, and still left-overs. We all washed up, brushed our teeth, and went to bed. I woke up several times, that night. Something kept me awake, I sat there lying awake in my bed.

It was raining. I felt uneasy. I heard something in the kitchen, so I went to check it out. It was probably Itzka rummaging the fridge again, but I wanted to make sure. I took a bat out of my closet, and slowly walked down stairs to the kitchen. I heard another sound coming from the kitchen, I stopped, then kept going. I saw a small light on. I stepped in and it wasn’t Itzka! Someone else was going through our left-overs in the fridge!

The girl stopped, and stood up putting her hands up. “Don’t shoot! I’m innocent!” She said and turned around slowly. “Oh, it’s you. You won’t hurt a fly, so... where was I? Oh yeah!” She sat back on the floor and kept eating. I stood next to her, she stood up and looked at me. “What? It looks like you saw a ghost! I thought you would be happy to see me!” My eyes were stinging with tears, I slapped her.

“You idiot!” I said, I didn’t care, she tricked me and I was upset! She was leaning against the counter holding her cheek in shock. “I thought you were dead! But, you are standing in my kitchen, scarfing down my left-overs, like nothing happened!”

She said, “You don’t know how hard it was, trying to keep hidden! Then trying to find food! It was even more hard trying to trick you, it was just as heartbreaking for me as it was for you! Don’t you think, I was having a hard time with this too! Let alone, have Itzka in on it!” “What? Itzka knew all along? No wonder she was so happy that day!”

“So... can you tell me where to sleep? I am getting tired.” Moonrye said, wearily. “Yeah! Outside!” I said irritated. “Tell me, why you did this to me!” “Can’t this wait until tomorrow?” “No! It can not! I want to know why you did such a horrible thing to me! I’m not sure I can forgive you for what you have done, until you tell me what happened and why you did what you did!” I sighed, “Fine, you can sleep on the couch.”

“You better promise, that you will explain this in the morning!” “Yeah yeah, in the morning.” She yawned, and ran into the living room and collapsed. She fell asleep right away, I took out a blanket and put it on her. I went back to bed. As soon as I got into my bed, I fell asleep right away.

In the morning, Kiyoshi woke up unexpectedly, with a weird feeling in his stomach. So he walked down the hall, and herd a noise from the living room. He quickly went back into his room and took out his baseball bat.

He walked slowly down the stairs and into the living room, he saw a girl lying on the couch, fast asleep. She had dirty and ragged clothes. “Who could she be?” He thought to himself, “and why is she in my house? How and when did she even get in here?”

He lowered the bat and stared at her trying to figure out if she is related to Mitzow in any way. She turned over and slowly opened her eyes. Her lonely and angry searching eyes, just like Mitzow, but how? She got up, yawned and stared at him.

“Hows it going?” Moonrye asked “Is it morning already?” He rose the bat “Who are you and why are you in my house?” He asked, “How did you even get in?” “When is breakfast?” Asked Moonrye, ignoring his questions. Kiyoshi wasn’t playing around. Moonrye thought this was a fun game of questions. She enjoyed his annoyance.

So they went on arguing. “I won’t ask you again!” Kiyoshi was furious! He was losing his patience and didn’t like this game of twenty questions she was playing. He wanted a straight answer, not another question, he was getting nowhere. He held up the bat, ready to swing when, I woke up and herd the noise. I assumed Kiyoshi found Moonrye in the living room.

I quickly ran downstairs, and jumped in at the last minute. I held up my hands, “About time sis. He wasn’t kidding, I could have really took a beating there. What took you so long?” said Moonrye. I yelled “Wait don’t hit her!” “Why? She broke in last night!” He said angrily. “I know, I’ll deal with that later, but right now we need to sit down and talk.” I said. “What!? What are you talking about?” Kiyoshi looked puzzled. He put down the bat and sat down to hear what I had to say.

Itzka sat next to Moonrye, and hugged her. “She’s... my sister.” I said. “What!?” Kiyoshi was shocked and confused now. “How? I thought you told me Moonrye died! We went to her funeral!” He was still pretty mad, and as lost as ever.

“I faked my death,” said Moonrye casually, “I did it so I wouldn’t be found out.” Kiyoshi got up, walked over to Moonrye, and slapped her. “Again with the slapping. You better think about what you do before you get something that’s coming to you. You don’t know who your slapping.” Said Moonrye annoyed. “You should have never done it in the first place! Mitzow was crying, thinking you were dead, and here you are sitting in my living room causing more trouble!”

“I had to!” “Why, so you can cause more heartache to your sister! She has had enough losses!” “No! So I can keep them safe!” Kiyoshi took a deep breath, sat down, and listened to Moonrye. She sighed, “I love my sisters and would never hurt them but, the reason I did what I did was because, there is a gang I used to belong to. Called the Fang. We keep the streets clean, so to speak.” She continued.

“Another gang that hated us, called the Dragon, is killing off my gang. I was one of the last ones. I loved my gang like they were my children and now they are dead because of me. I just wouldn’t leave it alone. They wanted to kill off every single one. So they wanted to kill me, they were annoyed with me. So they cornered Itzka and I after school, I knew it was happening. So after they shot me, and the guys ran off. I told Itzka to fake it.”

“Hold on,” said Kiyoshi a bit confused. “If you were really shot, then how did you live without going to the hospital?” Moonrye sighed, “They were to predicting and only thought catching me off guard would do the job. But they only used one bullet each. But you forget easily, I’m skilled beyond your understanding.” Moonrye bragged, “They were easy to dodge and to slow, for my skills. The guns were to simple. They underestimated me, once again. Cowards!”

“What about he funeral?” Mitzow asked. “Well,” said Moonrye amazed at this question from Mitzow “There wasn’t a body in the casket. A friend of mine did my casket, and didn’t let anyone look inside and burned it so no one would get suspicious.”

“I didn’t want anyone to notice. I’m sorry but I had to. It was for your own protection! I had no intention on you reacting in such a way!” “Yeah, while you were living like a monkey in the trees. Your sister was crying over nothing!”

“Please don’t fight.” I said. I didn’t want them fighting at a time like this. Especially after what recently happened what I am now learning. “No! I was hiding! You don’t what I’m going through. Do you think it was easy for me to do that to them? Yeah, I don’t think so! So back off! I don’t care if your Mitzow’s boyfriend, you shouldn’t talk to me that way, if you know what’s good for you!”

She calmed down and in a calm voice she continued, “The gang is trying to find me, they have suspicions that I’m still alive. It wouldn’t be that easy to kill me.” She said with a smile. “They wouldn’t suspect me going to family. They think I would be lone ranger.”

“Well, what are we suppose to do about it? Kiyoshi asked concerned. “Are we safe?” “For now.” she said. “We have to be careful from now on and wherever you go, watch your back. Never go anywhere alone, unless your in a highly populated place.” “They might soon find out your not dead. Right?” I asked with great concern. “With time, yes. But for now you can resume your normal routine as if nothing ever happened.” said Moonrye calmly with a slight smile, as if she has something she is not telling us.

Moonrye winks at Kiyoshi and he looked at her uneasily, thinking the same thing. “I’m sorry big sis.” said Itzka guiltily. “About what sweetie? You didn’t do anything wrong.” I said confused. “I knew about what sissy was doing, I’m sorry. I promised, that I wouldn’t tell. Please don’t be mad at me!” She said with a scared expression.

“I’m not. I’m glad you told me. It’s ok, big sis is not upset.” I hugged her. “Hey! I’m filthy. Can we go shopping? I don’t like being like this, and I don’t want to wear the same thing forever or people will think some thing’s up.” said Moonrye.

“Ok, you deserve that much.” I looked at Moonrye and then at Kiyoshi and Itzka. We walked out and went to the store, after breakfast. We stopped at a big shopping center for women. We went to the shirts first. I got a cart, I knew this would be a shopping center that Moonrye liked, because the clothes were sort of skimpy. She liked short shorts and tight clothes, for which Itzka and I didn’t. She can fight better in those clothes as well, as Moonrye said, when we were in middle school.

Moonrye asked, “Hey Mitzow which one?” she held up two shirts. One was a stripped shirt, a little short for her and showed her belly. With long loose sleeves and showed her shoulders, with thin straps. The other one also had her shoulders showing and it was to short. It was black with a red skull on it. “Um,” I said unsure, “The stripped one, I guess.” “Ok. I’ll get both!” She said and threw them into the cart. I shook my head, she used to always do that.

She got a few others that had holes in them. I couldn’t tell if they were naturally like that, or someone poured bleach on it and sold it to the store. She got a pile of shirts and then we went on to the pants. She got some with holes, rips, tears, faded and with funky designs. Short shorts, shredded and faded. She got short skirts and skinny jeans.

We went to the shoes and Moonrye got some knee high boots and some heels. She got some sneakers and other random shoes along with some skater shoes. We got some socks and accessories for her. She got her ears pierced on the bottom of her ears, her cartilage in the middle, and top. She got tons of bangles and bracelets, lots of earrings, and necklaces.

We shot straight through the undergarment section. Kiyoshi didn’t look, he looked at some hats in the other isle, while we looked. Moonrye ran over to Kiyoshi and said, “Hey Kiyoshi!” “Yes?” he replied, a little uneasy. She held up two bras and asked, “Which bra should I get? I can’t choose!” He completely reddened. He has never been asked a question like that before, (exactly why she asked him that) by me or Itzka in his life. She was very entertained.

“Um... that one I guess.” and he pointed at the one in her left hand. “Okay! Good choice!” She said with a creepy looking smile and grabbed a few hats and put them in the cart. After that we went to the cashier to check-out. While Moonrye piled some gum onto the rest of the stuff. I was surprised we had enough money to pay for five to seven carts of stuff she wanted.

We took the stuff home and Moonrye said, “How about I take you guys out to lunch, you must be exhausted after all that shopping!” She smiled politely. She couldn’t have helped us pay, if she had some money? “Sure, I’m up for it!” I said with a sigh of relief from carrying the bags. “Ice Cream!” said Itzka excitedly. “I don’t mind.” said Kiyoshi. I took them to the little shop where Kiyoshi took me, because I loved the food! I sat next to him at the table.

We ate their special and had enough room for seconds and ice cream (for Itzka). We walked home, and when we got there, Moonrye asked how I met Kiyoshi I couldn’t keep anything from her. I started with the beginning of the summer last year after practice. When I was with Shadow and I was clueless of what he really was.

“Whenever I would come out of practice, he was always there to carry my things. I didn’t know why. But he did. I had a boyfriend before Kiyoshi, but he was a lousy boyfriend. He never kissed me, hugged me, or anything like Kiyoshi did.” I took a breath and continued.

“I came from practice one day and this time Kiyoshi was late. So I met Shadow in the park. But, when I got there, I saw him with another girl.” I looked down at my hands, and Kiyoshi held them tightly, reassuring me it was okay, and so I continued. “So I ran, and that was when I passed Kiyoshi. He ran after me, and I wouldn’t stop. When I came over a hill I looked behind me and when I turned back around I tripped and fell, sliding down he hill blacking out for a little, as soon as I hit the ground.”

“When I came to. Kiyoshi was running down the hill calling my name. I tried to get up but, I was so weak and dizzy from the fall, that I fell back down. I tried to get up again, the second time I fell, Kiyoshi slide and caught me. I blacked out again for a week.” I clenched Kiyoshi’s hands and held them tight.

“He carried me here, which use to be his mom’s house. I then had to rest until I had a little more strength. I was walking within a few weeks. That was where our relationship started. We became good friends and I got to learn more about him and he with me. I was starting to see the world differently with Kiyoshi.”

“I didn’t remember what happened until a few weeks later. I remembered what happened and I didn’t even think about it until then. I didn’t know his name, so we talked for a while. One day, we were walking in the park and I wanted to go to my secret place in the park alone. So, I lost him by saying that I had to go to the restroom. Then went and sat down next to my favorite tree. I sat there and just listened to the sounds of the Earth. I lost track of time and forgot that I left Kiyoshi. I got up and forgot where I left him. I heard some rustling in the bushes behind me.”

“I freaked out! I looked behind me and there was a shadow in the tree that, I was sitting next to. I thought it might be a creeper or something. I started to back up and it jumped out of the tree. A feel of relief rushed over me. Turns out he knew about that place for a long time. We took a short-cut to his place and then went out to go shopping. We bought some clothes and after that we ate.”

“When we got to the house, Kiyoshi’s mom was gone and the food was ready for dinner. After we ate, we talked and watched a movie.” “Did you have your first kiss?” Moonrye whispered. I nodded and went red. “I wanted to straighten things out with Shadow before we went further in our relationship. In the morning, I woke up early and Kiyoshi’s mom was making breakfast. I thanked her for the clothes. We ate and I went upstairs to get washed up. I didn’t take a shower for a week or so.”

I paused, and got up to give them more tea and snacks. I continued on, until it was the middle of the night when I finished. So we ate, brushed our teeth, prayed and went to bed. That night I had a nice and restless sleep, but still woke up in the middle of the night a couple of times, because of all that happened.

In the morning, we woke up, I made breakfast while everyone got dressed. We all met in the living room while we ate. As soon as we finished breakfast, Moonrye spoke. “I have to tell you guys something.” Kiyoshi looked up at her in suspicion. “Okay, shoot!” I said, trying to ease the tension.

“I have to explain to you, why I am being tracked, and trying to be eliminated. Ever since I was little, I have known, that I had to be the protector, the warrior, whatever you name it. I also had to teach you guys this special ability so I won’t have to do it alone. You guys were suppose to be awakened at the same time I was, but I wanted you to have a normal life. But, you know how Itzka is, so persistent. So I taught her before you.”

“Okay, well, we are waiting.” Kiyoshi said, with an interested but with an edge to his voice. “You know I’m part of a special gang that is being eliminated by the day. The Fang is growing weak and little. But size doesn’t matter if you have someone as strong as me!” She pointed her thumb at her chest, winked, and smiled. Then she sat upright, and looked at us with a serious face. She folded her hands, and started, with a sigh.

“I have special, abilities. They help me dodge speeding bullets, and to defend myself in times of trouble. It’s not like karate or ken do. It’s a mix of martial arts, street fighting, weapons, and special abilities.” “Abilities as in magic?” I asked. “Yeah, you can say that! A bit, but strong, and powerful. That’s why the other gang wants the Fang dead. So they can be the most powerful.”

“It’s better to show you than explaining. By look of your faces, you aren’t getting what I’m talking about. Any minute someone will be outside the house ready to eliminate me. Don’t worry he won’t come inside, just watch from the window. Yes I am a bit psychic.”

She walked out the back door and Itzka followed behind her. Kiyoshi and I had nothing to do but look through the curtains of the back window. After a few minutes Itzka waved for us to come outside and watch. As we got outside, and arrow shot out of the trees at us. I braced myself in Kiyoshi’s arms and closed my eyes. As I opened them slowly. I saw Moonrye standing in front of me, in a street fighter looking outfit, and she looked mean and serious. Fury in her eyes.

She had the arrow in her hand. She threw it in the trees, and a guy fell out. He didn’t have the arrow in him, he must have dodged it, but at the same time lost his balance and fell out of the tree. Moonrye walked over to him, and he took the first swing, he was good. But Moonrye was better and dodged with ease. Just then, more guys came out of the shadows and trees. All surrounding her.

They all attacked at once and I gasped. But they all stopped as soon as they stepped forward ready to charge, and she was already gone. I saw a flash of Moonrye’s blue and black outfit. Her agility and sleekness. She was so fast and she took them out with rage, but also clean. Without a lot of bloodshed. I knew she was holding back, because if she went all out rage, there would be body parts everywhere and, I’m not going to clean it up. Besides that, so no one would walk through there and see bloodstains all over the place. In a matter of minutes she finished them off.i

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