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Chapter 10-Moonrye’s First Day

 Today is the first day of school for Moonrye. She wasn’t as excited as I was, because we had the same classes. She actually wasn’t excited about anything. She just shrugged, and put her arms behind her head, walking around as if she didn’t have a care in the world, like she owned the place.

She hated the girls’ school uniforms, and refused to wear it. So she wore the guys’ uniform. The teachers and dean didn’t mind as long as she wasn’t trying to be one. She always hung around me, no matter what though. She must have really loved me, but I didn’t mind. The more the merrier! It felt so nice having her around, I loved it! But, she was always picking fights.

I thought wrong, I thought she would have been keeping it quiet. But, no! She decided to try to fight with every guy in the school. Even the people in my defense class! She beat them all, without a scratch on her! Also without breaking a single bone in their body! No blood, nothing like that! One big guy, didn’t want to quit until he decided to try getting to her through me! He ran to me and picked me up over his head, I screamed. Not only because I was going to be thrown across the yard, but everyone could see under my skirt! How embarrassing.

Typical, for her to be hesitating at a time like that! Now, I know why she didn’t want to wear the girls’ uniform. He threw me, and everyone gasped, but I was headed right towards the pool. Good thing, I will have a softer landing than the ground. I landed in the pool with a big splash, and as I came up gasping for air, all of a sudden everything went blurry.

Moonrye disappeared and reappeared in a flash, and kicked him in the stomach, at the same time he grabbed her leg and swung her towards a pole, but she grabbed it and swung back around and kicked him in the face, sending him to the ground.

After that, I didn’t know what happened, because I was winded when I hit the pool and when I came up gasping for air, as soon as I came up I went back down. I didn’t know what was happening, but I felt real weak. I couldn’t keep myself above the water, so I gave up and was sinking fast. My vision blurred and then went black. Before I blacked out, I could make out a faint shape, diving in after me. I couldn’t make out who it was, but it certainly wasn’t Kiyoshi or Moonrye.

Later, I woke up in the school infirmary. Everything was a haze, then my vision finally cleared. I tried to sit up but then fell back on the pillow. I looked around me, and saw Moonrye, resting on the nurses desk, with a bandage on her forearm. I saw Kiyoshi sitting next to my bed asleep. I look to the other side of the room, and I see a small figure with a towel wrapped around it. That must be the person who rescued me!

I saw the figure stir in the towel, and turned around in the chair. Staring wide-eyed at me. It was... My eyes were soon as wide as the person in the chair. It was, Itzka? She was drenched, she looked at me with amazement. I looked back at her with a very confused look on my face. I managed to sit up, with her help. She seemed cold, by the way she was shivering, and everything.

I asked her, “Did you?” She said, “Yup! I saved ya!” I asked her with such confusion, “But, you were at school. I walked you to your school this morning. Why, I mean how did you get here?” Just, then Kiyoshi and Moonrye woke up with a bit of a jump. “You were out for a few hours. It’s ok. Itzka saved you, from what I’ve been told. Don’t worry I am as confused as you are!” Kiyoshi reassured me. I stared at Moonrye’s arm. “How did that happen? I thought... I mean... Are you ok?” Man, my head was spinning. “Ah, this was nothing! When I finished the big guy, I ran after you scraping my arm on the fence, I was going to jump in after you but, I didn’t want to. And Kiyoshi wasn’t around to help you! But, for some reason Itzka already had jumped into the water, and was pulling ya out. It’s ok I’m fine!” “Sorry big sis!” She looked down, shivering. I turned off the fan in the room and motioned her to get under the blanket with me. She jumped into the bed, and huddled next to me. Her body was so cold! But that was no problem in a few seconds.

“I just felt like I needed to be there. So I went to your school and followed the crowd. When I saw that you have been thrown. I ran over there and jumped in after you! I’m sorry, I felt I had to.” She looked like she was punishing herself, so I held her closer saying, “It’s ok, you did what your instincts were telling you! I’m glad you did!” She hugged me tight. After a few minutes, I was able to get up. We all got up and walked out. I found out that school was over, and Kiyoshi told me that my work was excused. We gathered our things, and walked home.

Itzka felt like she wanted to do something for us, as an apology for what happened. I couldn’t argue with her, so I let her take us where she wanted to go. She took us to a karaoke place, and we sat in one of the little rooms. Itzka started, she sang one of her favorite songs. She sounded so sweet, and soft but loud and clear. It was so cute, she tried to dance but failed, in an adorable way though. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Moonrye was up next, she sang really nice. It was so beautiful! Her voice was loud and clear. She was smooth, and right on track with the music, and when it died down then came back up she was right on cue. Her voice was of her age, and not of opera, or something a little kid sings, she sang with passion and feeling, I didn’t even know she had such a range. I was last, because Kiyoshi won’t and can’t sing. So I sang one of my favorites. It was all about the rain, and love, and how great it is to live. Of course, when I finished, everyone was looking at me as if something extraordinary happened. I don’t know what I did, but they just smiled, and Kiyoshi was astonished with my voice. He didn’t know I could sing. I guess I forgot to tell him, that I had another talent!

We all went home, and just took a break. Itzka went into her room to play with her dolls. Moonrye went out into the back and exercised with, crunches and sit-ups, and push-ups, and any other exercise you could think of, even ones I never have seen before. I sat down, to read a book while, Kiyoshi (who insisted that I take a break) made dinner.

While the food was in the oven, and on the stove, Kiyoshi managed to keep them at a constant temperature, where it won’t burn if he walked away. He took off his oven mitts, and sat next to me. I was so into my book, I didn’t notice, until he slipped his hands around my waist and pulled me close to him. I looked up from my book, closed it and set it on the table in front of me. Then lifted my eyes to meet his. We just sat there in silence until, he leaned in and kiss me. I couldn’t help myself but to kiss him back.

I was so sure this time, that my family is complete. I had everyone who loved me and who I loved about me right there. It was perfect, and if our family were to grow, it would mean more love to share. I thought it was forever before, we stopped and we just looked at each other. His eyes were as deep of a blue as the rain that falls in the spring. So deep and so blue, I could see my reflection in his eyes. It was the perfect moment until, Moonrye came in all full of sweat and reminded Kiyoshi about our dinner. He got up and continued to watch the food.

As soon as supper was ready, my sisters were washed up and ready for the food at the table in a split! We love food especially when someone cooks it well. When the table was set and ready, we blessed the food then started to fill our plates and eat. Dinner was amazing! Kiyoshi out did himself this time. We had pot roast stew, French bread, salad, and some fruit. When we finished, we all bowed to Kiyoshi in respect and thanked him for the great food!

The next morning, we got up and got ready for school! Itzka was sad that she couldn’t got to school with us, because she had to leave earlier than Moonrye, Kiyoshi, and I. I was sad as well, because she was only in middle school, and the rest of us were high schoolers. As we passed Itzka’s school and as she waved and disappeared into the crowd of giggling little girls, I haven’t noticed that I had stopped staring at them.

Just then, Kiyoshi had been talking to me and I didn’t even blink! Until, Moonrye punched me on the shoulder. “Ouch!” I winced. “You were staring into space you rice ball!” She said with a smile and a wink! “Oh! I’m sorry! Let’s go, we don’t want to be late!” I said and grabbed Kiyoshi’s hand while running and Moonrye right behind.

As soon as we reached the school grounds, I paused for a moment at the gate and stared at the building before I sighed and walked in. School was different now that Moonrye had started attending. For some reason, all the students either hated her or loved her, crowding her in the halls and in the classrooms! I was starting not to like it as much as Moonrye! Even if she was a shadow or glaring at them with a glare so dark, as if she were staring into their souls and reading their every thought, they would still flood her.

Moonrye would always shrug them off and walk away but they would follow! Until, third period, and she couldn’t take it anymore. Moonrye darted out the door as soon as the bell rang to leave class. They looked at me puzzled and asking where she went. I knew exactly where Moonrye would go, and no one would think of looking! The most quiet place of solitude, even I go there at times. The roof of the school building!

I told Kiyoshi I would meet him in our next class and he nodded, understanding what I needed to do, and I disappeared, running as fast as I could, it wasn’t as fast as Moonrye, but it was fast enough that no one would have known where I went and decided to follow. I finally reached the rooftops of the building and I found Moonrye hanging over the edge in the most dangerous way.

I wasn’t surprised! She would always scare me like that, so it was normal and I didn’t panic. I stood on the edge next to where she was hanging off. I took a deep breath and sat down next to her. I wasn’t the heights that scared me, it was the thought of being found out by the mob. Moonrye worried me sometimes, but she would always reassure me, and tell me that it was no big deal, or to chill out that she is always careful. That I should stop complaining about every little thing.

We sat there quietly, I stared off into the distance, while she did crunches on the rail that was on the edge of the building. Neither one of us spoke until the noises of the mob faded. There was nothing to talk about really that much! Then Moonrye stopped doing crunches and with her face full of sweat, she got off the rail and sat next to me.

After a few huffs from her, she finally spoke, “I hate crowds! They make me feel like I’m a prisoner! So, I had to get away. I needed to get away! I can’t stand it, I feel like I can’t do anything anymore without people watching me. I think that some of those people might be someone trying to kill me.” She sighed and continued. “The girls are always screaming and saying I totally look like some hot guy. The guys are always saying that I look hot in this uniform! I don’t like it one bit! What is it with these people? I just want to get on with my life, without getting mobbed with people I don’t know and that like me just because, I look hot or I beat up the biggest guy in the school! I want to be a person like you! Not a celebrity!” She took a deep breath and sighed again.

I looked with amazement! My eyes were wider than ever! She had never admitted something like that to me ever before. I was just astonished. Who would ever want to be like me? Besides Moonrye of course! Well, that didn’t matter now! I still sat there in silence, because if I talked, I might upset her.

After a minute of stillness, the bell broke the silence and we got up. As we were leaving for the door of the building, the mob burst through the door and ran after her screaming, “THERE SHE IS, WE NEED TO HURRY BEFORE CLASS STARTS! QUICK GRAB HER!” Moonrye grabbed my hand and turned to run, but we were surrounded. She new that she could zip out in a flash, but I didn’t have those kind of skills. She stood by me and we backed to the edge of the building, while he fans were closing in.

The only way was to jump, and I knew exactly what was going on in Moonrye’s head! I didn’t like I at all, she turned to me, smiled, and jumped pulling me with her. The crowd gasped, as we were free-falling off the building. I hated those kind of getaways! But, you have to do what you have to do! Moonrye was holding me when we hit the ground, leaving a crater in the ground.

I thought of a more graceful impact, without the crater, and I knew why it happened the way it did. She had no time for grace. When the swarm of people had disappeared off the rooftop we dashed to our class. Either way, we still had to face some of the in class! I laughed, breathing heavily, as we got to our seats. When I sat down, Kiyoshi had looked at me as if he knew everything, and smiled.

Class ended, and we were on our way to the next class. Moonrye darted away, with her fans following. Kiyoshi had to stay in the classroom a little longer, to talk to the teacher. I was walking alone to my class this time. Well, I thought I was. I felt like I was being followed, I thought it might be Moonrye, and that she lost everyone. But when I stopped and turned around, it was some of Moonrye’s groupies (her fan-club founders)! They weren’t girlie, but punks! I sighed and smiled at them, but they just glared at me.

The president said, “You better stay away from our Lady Moonrye!” I looked puzzled, why should I stay away from her? She’s my sister! The vice-president said, “Your corrupting her! Every time she’s near you, she runs away from us!” Ok, this was getting out of hand. Just then Kiyoshi appeared behind them. For some reason he was a repellent for fan clubs. They backed off a little bit, and asked irritatedly, “What do you want Kiyoshi? You have no business here, this isn’t of your concern!” Kiyoshi glared at them.

“As a matter of fact, I do have a say in this!” He put his arm around me and continued, “Mitzow is my girlfriend, and I don’t want you to ever say such mean things to her again!” The president sounded real annoyed now, “So! That doesn’t concern the fact that she has nothing to do with Lady Moonrye! She better back-off or she will get some bruises. I don’t care if she is in defense, she better watch it!” Kiyoshi got furious, and stepped toward them, but I held his hand tight. They backed off more, and with rage he said, “HOW DARE YOU JUDGE HER! Moonrye is Mitzow’s younger sister, and she can hang around her all she wants! YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS ASSOCIATING WITH MOONRYE! SO I’D SUGGEST THAT YOU BACK OFF!” The girls looked at me with remorse. They bowed in respect, and fright, and said they were sorry. As soon as they looked up they saw Moonrye behind me. She put her arms around Kiyoshi and my shoulders. “Hey big sis! These dweebs giving you trouble?” The girls went pale. Moonrye looked at them, gave them a thumbs up and winked. “Hey guys! I heard you were picking on her!” She let go of us, stood up straight, and with the most sincere look, she said “If you dare to speak to her or Kiyoshi again, I will make you wish you never came to school! If I hear that any one of you talk to her like that again or say that she is corrupting me, you will be next! Now! GET LOST!!!” The girls hesitated, “But Lady Moonrye!” “NOW!!!” They took off right away! Moonrye swung around to face us, smiled again and winked, giving me a thumbs up! “Tss, they won’t be bothering us anymore!” She then frowned, put her hand to her forehead, and shook her head as if she had a head ache, saying “Damn those people give me a headache, I wish all of them would do that! I hate being called Lady or anything of that! I can’t start that all over again, or the whole school will hate me and I just want a normal life!” We walked to class along with Moonrye’s annoying fan group! Good thing we had none of them in this class! Science was so boring, some of the people skipped that class. Even Moonrye thought it was really boring. But she didn’t want to leave the classroom, because those hungry wolves were out there! So she was stuck. The teacher was always calling on people who weren’t paying attention. I was frustrated, I wanted to be called on! I knew the answers, man it ticked me off! But class was over in a buzz, and so was school! Finally!!! I couldn’t wait until school was over, so I can swim and go to defense. Kiyoshi, Moonrye, and I walked to the locker room. Kiyoshi waited outside the room while me and Moonrye went in. I changed into my bathing suit, but Moonrye was also changed her clothes and put on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I walked out with Moonrye behind me, and Kiyoshi following us to the pool. Coach Fey told us to do some practice laps. Kiyoshi and Moonrye watched from behind the fence. The water felt cool on my skin! It was nice, just striding across to water. After I got out of the pool, I noticed that Moonrye wasn’t there. But it seemed like Kiyoshi didn’t notice or he knew but didn’t show it. Just then I saw a shadow hanging over me, then disappear. I see Moonrye standing in front of me, holding out her hand. I took it, but I thought only girls on the swim team were allowed inside the fenced area. Coach Fey let her in? I was puzzled. But as soon as I was out of the water, she jumped in with a wave of water she vanished. I saw her pop out of the water on the other end of the pool. She was playing in the water, and Coach Fey didn’t care? But then, I saw all the other girls jump in the water as well. I see Coach Fey motioning me to get it too, that it was ok and I could just have fun today! But I couldn’t swim with Moonrye, because all the girls on the team were her fans. So I dove under the water and swam by myself. I was under, and so was Moonrye and her enthusiasts as well! She stayed under until they all had to absolutely come up for air. She looked peaceful that way! Moonrye thought so too! When she came up, and so did I. We got out of the water, and it was time to go to defense. We got dried off and changed. Moonrye joined the club as well! It was amazing to see her in action. The sweat flying off her face, and the adrenalin, it was almost flawless! I envied her, and at the same time I was sorry that she joined. I had to face her in one-on-one. I failed incredibly, I was without a doubt no match for her!