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Greetings everyone,

It’s been... *checks watch*... more than 2 years. 
This novel is always in the back of my mind. I have plans for quite the overhaul, and as you, dear readers, can only see a small preview, you will be little the wiser as to what will change, but I need to redirect the plot massively!
I completed the first draft during a NaNoWriMo, and while it’s fantastic for getting something to a finish point, you will not always make the best plot choices. Space Cat suffers greatly from this, and I deeply desire to write it up into a stable and engaging state.

I look forward to one day sharing with you all the completed novel.

Best Wishes!

Greetings everyone,

It’s been a little while!

I’ve noticed a recent spike in followers of Space Cat, so I decided to reupload a Chapter 2 Preview for your reading pleasure!

I’ve not long done a massive overhaul edit of the story in certain places, and I am still looking at other routes for Space Cat in terms of publishing, but for now it returns here in a reduced fashion. Happy reading!

Best Wishes,

Greetings all,

As you well know I have been too busy to focus on Space Cat at the moment, but it is always in my thoughts.

This is only a brief update, but I will be removing Space Cat from Inkshares in the near future. The overall site is now quite inactive from an administration point of view and I only see authors active on here, and few few Inkshare staff members or even just readers from my perspective. While it is a lovely place for authors to gather and post amazing creations, I do not see Space Cat being published via the site.

I will post another update once I have decided where I am taking my novel, and hopefully you will be able to continue to follow the adventures of Leah and Pangur Ban elsewhere on the world wide web!

Best Wishes

Greetings All!

It’s been a little while, I’ve had all sorts on my plate (you will know from previous updates), but here I am back filling you in on a 3 week gap!

However, in this gap, Space Cat has been a little neglected much to my shame. But I have reasons for this! Firstly, I’ve made good progress on my mental health, which has increased productivity in areas that have been otherwise neglected (such as my job), but in doing so I’ve not given myself time to edit Space Cat further. But fear not! For plans are afoot!

Looking over the format and style of Space Cat, I’m planning to endeavor on quite and overhaul. There won’t be much change to the overall narrative, but I feel a few stylistic choices weren’t in the best interest. For instance, I have included Log Entries from the main character, but recently I have been unsure how well they contribute to the flow of the novel. Before I added in a prologue (which I am still not happy with but feels necessary) the logs worked well, but now I feel I need to remove and replace them with better exploration of Leah via her non-verbal actions.
And speaking of the prologue, it’s a slog to get the feel of it just right. I don’t want it to drag on, but I really don’t want it rushed, and in it I’ve introduced several characters. They are important and getting their actions just right is a bit of a headache, but I’ll get there!

So look forward to a brand spanking new preview in the future, I am still determained to get Space Cat published one way or another, be it through Ink Shares or else where.

Best Wishes
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Small Update! Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 preview are now in line with the latest edit of the manuscript.
I am also seeking to commission a new cover as the one you see on the page was thrown together by myself.

Greetings All,

Last update I mentioned my mental health. I’d like to talk about it a little more in relation to writing this novel.

Over the last few months, motivation has been a major challenge when writing Space Cat, and the vast majority of work on the novel has taken place while I’ve been in my work place as opposed to my home. In this regards, I’ve been using novel writing as procrastination when I get stuck in the office, and when at home, I take fancy to frivolous recreation and ignoring my passions. All of this is linked to my anxiety, and I acknowledge that these are not the best practices! At work, I panic and freeze when doing what I’m supposed to do, and so write fantasy instead to escape. At home, I am so tired from stressing at work that I simply do not have the energy to write creatively, and the circle goes on.

This cycle of distraction and exhaustion has influenced parts of the novel, and looking over it, those parts really need an overhaul. They show the frivolity my mind was engrossed in at the time, rather than exploring deeper the profound emotions earlier on (and later on) in Space Cat and highlight the distraction from important situations. I don’t really think people want to simply read some authors fanciful dreams, but rather they’d want to be there with the character, engaging in their life, and riding the storm with them; not playing dress up or gourmet food critic.

The reason for bringing this up is that I’ve begun to hit up on those chapters that need the overhaul, the parts where I’ve skipped over important character developing situations that are low action but meaningful. The reflects my own mind at the time, before I was getting professional help, where I was trying to hide from it. Now I have the help I need, I can reflect back and correct these mistakes that were incredibly breaking to the flow of the novel. I think I mentioned this last update... (side effect of me being ill is bad memory!)

Away from writing the novel, another aspect of it has been marketing. While I technically working in marketing for my day job, it is something that I find impossible to do for myself. I will never tell you that my writing is good, I will never try and sell it as the next great leap in sci-fi. No. I will simply ask if people would have the time to take a look and to give feed back. And I’ll do this once in a while. My confidence sits at a 0, maybe going up and down a little bit, but overall a flat line on the bottom of the chart. I love writing, and would adore to see Space Cat go far, but I literally can’t do it myself due to crushing anxiety and self-loathing telling me otherwise.

For those of you who have read and left feed back, you are truly wonderful and amazing human beings, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I also thank you and apologise for these silly updates!

Best Wishes,
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Tiny update to the Prologue! Fleshed it out, made it sound just better.
Best wishes,

Greetings all.

Let’s have a little chat about things unseen.

It’s now March, and it’s been a struggle of a year for me so far. I’ve certainly not gotten as far as I’d like editing Space Cat (working on chapter 6 out of 20), and a few things in life have taken a back seat due to health issues.

The novel focuses on the human aspect of space, rather than the science. While that’s a very important part of the realism, making the characters alive and believable is my top priority.  In the previews you have been able to read, you get a glimpse of the baseline of a few of the main characters. Leah is very laid back, Markus is excitable, Ravi is a natural born leader. They’re distinct. In the parts you have yet to see, I begin to dig much deeper into who they are, and am continuing to do so. Humans are complex, and deal with significant life events differently. A major event indeed does happen in Space Cat and affects Leah profoundly. With this, I have had to take a step back and look at my own life from the outside in order to convey what happens to Leah. 

9 years ago, I come down with a panic and anxiety disorder. Looking back, the very primal fear I felt during those times has had a significant impact on my personal life, and my creative life. While I continue to struggle with anxiety, and now minor depression, I’ve taken those past experiences, and channeled them into my writing and other creative outlets. As much as I don’t want to have this anxiety, I have taken to using it in what I enjoy, which helps me cope. When reading Space Cat I am of the hope that people will be able to understand the feeling of anxiety and panic I have tried to convey from my experiences, to sympathize, and to engage with the characters overcoming the struggles presented in the story.

Back to the present, I am pleased to confirm I am working to fix my 9 years of anxiety. It is a great relief to finally be on what feels like the road to recovery. I suffered with the issue of not thinking it was worth seeking help, which is the worst thing I could do. I urge anyone with anxiety not to leave it as long as I did to seek help. I wish I had found it sooner, as I can already feel a little bit of peace of mind creeping in.

With the beginning of recovery, I hope that Space Cat will be fully edited by the summer, and that I can get it on the road to being published!

Best Wishes,

Greetings All!

It’s time for another edition of "Update where I’ve not really updated!" Exciting stuff.

As I’ve probably mentioned numerous times, this has been a busy year, and also ill health has but a stick in the works on getting editing properly underway. As of this update, I’m making sure chapter 3 is up to scratch, even though the real changes are yet to come. (Thank goodness those have not seen the light of day yet.)

When that comes along I’ll be all:

As there’s a LOT of work to be done to it.

Of the preview that you can see on Inkshares, they have not yet been updated to reflect the changes, but I plan to as soon as I can, due to the fact the prologue never feels quite right. I wrote the prologue after I had completed the first draft, so it felt a bit weird writing it, then going through the second draft trying to make sure nothing contradicts it. Surprisingly exhausting trying to get the continuity up to scratch.

So, dear readers, please do continue to watch this space! While I suffer any writers block, I have a little plan in mind to get my brain jump started again. Let’s just say I like to draw.

Best Wishes,