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Sammy Wilsmore

I look at the stars. I would say they speak to me, but they’re massive balls of plasma, light years away in space. And the sun just burns my skin.
Sammy is the author of
Life in space is closer than you think. On an orbiting space farm, a lone scientist begins humanity’s next step; the complete cultivation of crops. However, her peace is disrupted when ground control expand on her mission by sending up a cat.
Books Sammy Recommends
Filled with raw unfiltered description, you're pulled headfirst into the situation along side Dr Nerana Jackson. A gripping read, highly recommend for fans of mystery and sci-fi.
Dr. Nerana Jackson awakens to find herself stranded on a ghost ship, drifting in orbit near an alien star. Now, she must piece together what happened to the crew and why before time runs out - or she may join them.
Books Sammy recently read
by Ray Bradbury
by Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor
by Brent Weeks
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