Kirsty L Jennings's latest update for Soulblade: Forgotten Souls

Feb 19, 2016

Hello followers! I had recently been approached and contacted by Realmwalker publishers asking if they could buy the rights to the series. Being only a small publisher, and currently funding through Inkshares at the moment, I was honoured to have been contacted. But I feel that I would definitely get more publicity and success through Inkshares.

If I manage to reach 50/100 orders, I will upload another chapter much later within the book to show how the story is progressing.

Please share around FB and Twitter, friends and family, comment and/or pre-order the book.

And I wish to say a big thank you to the supporters of my project and a massive thank you to the Inkshares team for correcting several issues that I have been having with uploading and editing the pages through the site.