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Kirsty L Jennings

An avid reader and fantasy fiction and possible sci-fi writer, I have written two books and working on a third. I am also a huge animal lover.    
Kirsty is the author of
Join Tari on her epic adventure through loss, chaos and turmoil as she fights to control her unsuspected powers and stop a God’s destructive path to dominance in order to save the world of Vanharlm.
2352. A Society of people known as The Dreamers have the power to manipulate and control thoughts within their own and others dreams.
Tari is set upon a journey to awaken an ancient creature but must learn to control her powers through the Veserie before she undergoes her most dangerous adventure...to stop a God and save Vanharlm from his evil tyranny.
Vanharlm is on the brink of war and Tari must fight to free the world from Taurus’s gathering armies and his iron-grip clasp around Vanharlm. The Soulblade has fallen into enemy hands and victory all but seems to be a distant reality.
What would happen if dragons were born human? Living in secrecy under the constant threat of human society, Keira must unlearn all she knows in order to survive.
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This a fantastic version of how fantasy should be. I was hooked by the very first paragraph and the characters are very in-depth along with the amazing story. Read this. you won't be disappointed!
Surviving abuse leaves no soul unscathed, and this is especially true of Ptielieren, an elite elvish bodyguard involuntarily integrated into an aversive-heavy culture.  Strength can exist absent a ringing victory and weakness does not signify defeat.
Project Human is definitely a book that you don't want to overlook. With androids and being set in the future? What's not to like?
A rogue android prototype joins forces with a human girl in a brewing political war. First in a YA speculative fiction/dystopian duology set in the year 2120.
I love reading Sci-fi, especially ones that make it sound so real and plausible, don't waste any more time, check this out now!
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I’m a children’s book writer from Salem, NH currently attending Simmons College in Boston, MA