Kirsty L Jennings's latest update for Soulblade: Forgotten Souls

Apr 6, 2016

All readers, authors and followers...and everyone!

Its been two weeks since my late update and were now 71 pre-orders in and 179 more orders needed to reach the quill goal.

In my previous update I mentioned that I had completed my edits and re-writes for the entire book, I wish to say that I would upload a chapter further along the book when we hit the 100 pre-order goal.

But I’m also quite excited as I have just received my Wacom Intuos art tablet, I’ve just got to get to grips with it but hopefully some artwork will follow and it will give everybody an idea of what to expect landscape and character wise.

I wish to part my thanks to everybody who has supported me thus far and I wish everybody a successes into their projects too!

If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy please do and help me support my dream and make this become a reality for me.

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