Michael Haase
Shadow King has an excellent premise, vivid imagery, and wonderful promise to be a highly original and enjoyable story. I look forward to reading this. Susan Hamilton is a writer to watch.
J.T.R. Russell
I absolutely love the characters, each have their own goals and plans. Susan has definitely put a lot of care and work into this piece, as each small detail comes together to form a brilliant picture in your mind. Definitely grab a copy for yourself.
Alexander Barnes
This book really stands out. I like how strategically the fantasy elements are blended with the contemporary fiction. Details like Seireadan being a Web Designer cracked me up and drew me deeper into the story.
Eric H. Heisner
Great start to a well written fantasy! Susan Hamilton puts you right there and up close from the very beginning.
J.T.R. Russell
A gripping read and a wonderful premise. Aohdan is definitely someone you should be looking out for. A new twist on an old classic and one that should be on your bookshelf.
Cayla Keenan
Well-written and engaging from the very first sentence, Shadow King promises a new kind of faerie story - and best of all, it's set in one of my favorite cities! I can't wait to read the rest. 
Robert Batten
Who doesn't love a great fae story? Buckle up for a dark urban fantasy.
Fernando Crôtte
Ha! These faeries are as crazy as humans! This is a fun, well-written story. Can't wait to see how dark it gets. :-)