In mid-2016, Seeking the Elephant failed to meet its funding goal. It became clear to me that a new approach was needed. The book was re-written cover-to-cover, worked over by professional content and copy editors and renamed The Bruja.

Along with these efforts, I also chose to go in a different direction than Inkshares. As of 1/14/2018, The Bruja has been published and is formally available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and IndieBound – in both softcover & e-reader formats. I want to thank everyone who got us here, who helped & contributed so profoundly. Now, I’d love to invite the patrons & backers of my original Inkshares campaign to go out and immediately purchase “The Bruja” in its final form! Here are some helpful links!

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This will likely be my final Inkshares post. You can always reach me however – michael@molisani.net


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Today, Seeking the Elephant ends its pre-sale campaign.

We didn’t make the 250 pre-sale goal, but I’m not worried about it. As a writer and a person who’s not particularly skilled at self-promotion, I learned real promotion skills, and how to get comfortable with public interaction. More importantly, we built up a real following.

Going forward, as Seeking the Elephant finds its footing in real-world publication, I will be reaching out to those who were good enough to support this campaign.

I want to thank some people & groups!

  • Kim Molisani
  • Break the Bechdel with Strong Female Characters Syndicate
  • Janna Grace
  • Amy Savoian
  • Tabi Card
  • Kristen Walls Kearney
  • Athena Driscoll
  • Melissa Johnson
  • Tim Rohal
  • Ray Duell
  • Matt Robb
  • Mercedes Fox
  • Craig & Margo Munro
  • Kelsey Rae Barthel
  • James Rasile
  • Jennifer Volk
  • Mercedes Fox

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So, what do you do when you have 19 days to get 154 pre-orders?

If you’re me, you don’t give up, or get down! Over this 4th of July weekend, I found myself laid out sick with a nasty summer chest cold, and decided to do something productive with my time! So, I began a complete cover-to-cover re-write of Seeking the Elephant.

Working with a friend on edits & voice over work last week I realized I was tired of apologizing when it came to Seeking the Elephant’s weaknesses. It’s a GOOD book, but I know it could be better, I know because everything I wrote in the years since WAS better. So, if I want to make this dream a reality, why accept anything but the best?

Over the next 19 days, I will be releasing 1 of the new re-written chapters per day until 19 chapters are ONLINE. This will comprise the majority of the first act. With lucky, this AVALANCHE OF AWESOME will convince you to place your pre-order.

Rember, all pre-orders receive a copy of the short story Alviso as a thank-you gift an e-book level ($10.) all pre-orders receive a copy of the short story The Dread Harvester as a thank-you gift a paperback level ($20.)

With your help, we can make Seeking the Elephant a reality in the next 19 days!


As promised -- the very first of Athena Driscoll’s "Let Me Read To You" selections has been released, featuring Seeking the Elephant. 

Athena has done a wonderful job of making me genuinely feel like a much better writer than I am consider myself. Please click the link & listen.

Once you’ve listened, we encourage you to share & pre-order Seeking the Elephant TODAY!

Happy Father’s Day!

As we head into the final 35 days of funding for Seeking the Elephant, I will posting a series of videos. Some of this, I’ll be making, explain aspects of the universe, protagonists, antagonists, and narrative of Seeking the Elephant.

Today’s video discusses the meaning of the title, as well as Seeking the Elephant’s universe. Click here to watch, now! 

The BEST videos coming up, however, will be the manufactured by the wonderful Athena Driscoll, who has gracefully agreed to reading various experts of the book for your reading enjoyment! Athena is the real life inspiration for The Dread Harvester, as well as being a very enigmatic artist herself, and the creator behind Leanans-Boon 

Check her out on Facebook today, and don’t forget...

Pre-Order YOUR copy of Seeking the Elephant before its too late!

All right -- here comes the home stretch.

Seeking the Elephant is heading into the home stretch, we’re now T-Minus 39 days until the funding process ends. After that, 90 of you will enjoy a refund & Seeking the Elephant will not yet see light publication.


Pre-order today if you haven’t already. Share to your Twitter, your Facebook. Call your mom, call your cousin, call your best friend, and even call that weird guy you see every other week when you buy coffee. You know, the twitchy one with too much dandruff. We can do this, but only with your help!


  • $10 E-Reader orders receive a PDF copy of "The Dread Harvester", with cover art.
  • $20 Reader orders receive a PDF copy of "Alviso," my entry into the 2016 Baen Fantasy Adventure Awards, AND  a PDF copy of "The Dread Harvester", with cover art.

For those who missed, Seeking the Elephant also has a new book trailer!

Dragon Nell Walton · Author · added about 6 years ago
I loved this description: My truck was old and small, powered by four cylinders. It was painted in flat grays and greens with bars fitted across the windshields and bumpers. A set of pencil lights, rigged up over cab, helped illuminate the roads for me.

The last piece of artwork for Seeking the Elephant just arrived this morning! Its a near-perfect rendition of one of the books opening scenes, and I am absolutely thrilled with the art work!

This Friday, before you begin the long holiday, make sure to PRE-ORDER Seeking the Elephant! You’ll be glad you did, because you’ll get addition reading as a thank-you gift!

  • $10 Pre-Order - a copy of the short story "The Dread Harvester."
  • $20 Pre-Order - a copy of the short stories "The Dread Harvester,’’ AND "Alviso."


The short story "The Dread Harvester" has been completed for release, in tandem with fancy cover art! If you’re already a pre-order supporter of Seeking the Elephant, you can DM me for a copy of this story.

If you have YET to support Seeking the Elephant, then this is the DAY FOR YOU!

Going forward on all pre-orders:

  • $10 E-Reader orders receive a PDF copy of "The Dread Harvester", with cover art.
  • $20 Reader orders receive a PDF copy of "Alviso," my entry into the 2016 Baen Fantasy Adventure Awards, AND  a PDF copy of "The Dread Harvester", with cover art.

"The Dread Harvester" short story is both a parallel tale & origin story for the antagonist of Seeking the Elephant, a mysterious woman who controls the empty wreckage of San Francisco after The Collapse. She may be Maggi Lopez’s most dangerous enemy, but how did she come to be that? What history does she share with Maggi? What price would Maggi pay for the mistakes of her youth? Pre-order Seeking the Elephant to get "The Dread Harvester," and find out TODAY!


Back about a month ago, when Seeking the Elephant won the April book of the month for Break the Bechdel with Strong Female Characters Syndicate, I promised that syndicate a short-story thank-you gift. 

That short story will be released later this week, for my fellow Syndicate members! The story is "The Dread Harvester," an introspective & origin tale for one Seeking the Elephant’s major antagonists. It features some backstory on the events of Maggi Lopez’s life prior to her role as the The Bruja, as well as foreshadowing for the third act of Seeking the Elephant.

If you have supported Seeking the Elephant, YOU TOO can enjoy "The Dread Harvester." Just send me an email or DM. If you haven’t supported Seeking the Elephant, now is the time -- here’s all you need to get your copy of "The Dread Harvester" and final cover art!

1) Pre-order Seeking the Elephant!

2) Say; "Yo, Molisani, I pre-ordered your sweet book. Let me at this awesome short story!"

It’s that simple!

Below is early concept art for the The Harvester herself.