Michael Molisani's latest update for The Bruja

Jan 14, 2018


In mid-2016, Seeking the Elephant failed to meet its funding goal. It became clear to me that a new approach was needed. The book was re-written cover-to-cover, worked over by professional content and copy editors and renamed The Bruja.

Along with these efforts, I also chose to go in a different direction than Inkshares. As of 1/14/2018, The Bruja has been published and is formally available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and IndieBound – in both softcover & e-reader formats. I want to thank everyone who got us here, who helped & contributed so profoundly. Now, I’d love to invite the patrons & backers of my original Inkshares campaign to go out and immediately purchase “The Bruja” in its final form! Here are some helpful links!

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This will likely be my final Inkshares post. You can always reach me however – michael@molisani.net


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