Michael Molisani's latest update for The Bruja

May 21, 2016

The short story "The Dread Harvester" has been completed for release, in tandem with fancy cover art! If you’re already a pre-order supporter of Seeking the Elephant, you can DM me for a copy of this story.

If you have YET to support Seeking the Elephant, then this is the DAY FOR YOU!

Going forward on all pre-orders:

  • $10 E-Reader orders receive a PDF copy of "The Dread Harvester", with cover art.
  • $20 Reader orders receive a PDF copy of "Alviso," my entry into the 2016 Baen Fantasy Adventure Awards, AND  a PDF copy of "The Dread Harvester", with cover art.

"The Dread Harvester" short story is both a parallel tale & origin story for the antagonist of Seeking the Elephant, a mysterious woman who controls the empty wreckage of San Francisco after The Collapse. She may be Maggi Lopez’s most dangerous enemy, but how did she come to be that? What history does she share with Maggi? What price would Maggi pay for the mistakes of her youth? Pre-order Seeking the Elephant to get "The Dread Harvester," and find out TODAY!