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Welcome to first episode of The Atlas’ history channel!!Where we will talk about the glorious history that surrounds The Atlas. Our saviour, and the circumstances surrounding our salvation! Today, we will talk about the history of how things came to be. Are you ready kids?

Well, fifty years ago, we lived in a truly dark, horrifying world. The corrupt politicians had thrown the world into chaos and disarray. Also with the help of overpopulation, the world just simply collapsed. In every corner, you see the aftermath of the poverty. The world is just death, disarray and utter chaos. Until our saviour stepped in and saved us, there had been nothing that had the ability to stop the utterly inevitable destruction of the human civilization.

In that dark time, everything seemed hopeless. Numerous countries in anarchy, diseases ran unchecked. It was lucky that our savior had stepped in at exactly that time and gave the world a second chance. The first thing he did was to build our marvellous capital, The Atlas. The world’s only flying city; sky have no limits, kids. It is free from poverty, disease, the poor and numerous death that had ravaged the world.

Every child, regardless of who they are, over the age of three are recommended to receive an implant in their skull that will directly communicate with a computing system and classify each and every person on earth by a number. Determining their possible contribution to humanity. Of course, the ones with the lower rank will be properly disposed of.

With his system in place, the earth went from an overpopulated eight billion to a much more spacious four billion people after only two decades! A truly miraculous deed. With less mouths to feed, the world was eventually revived greater than ever. With significantly less people crowding around; everyone was happier, richer, and more complacent.

However, he did not solve poverty in his lifetime. But he did abolish the concept of censorship. After all, information should be free!

The next thing he did was to overthrow the pre-existing government and bring in his own political system. A truly marvellous system where the ones with the highest rank gather at the highest tower on The Atlas and devise ways to help other outstanding citizens to continue on with their everyday lives without problem.

After his unfortunate demise, his legacy was not forgotten. His son carried his torch and set up the global robotic unmanned patrols, so laws are easily enforced and prevent others from suffering. Now, we live in the glorious, golden age of revolution. Even though his last will and testament had never been read, and we may never know whether he wanted his son to inherit his work and become his successor.

In his last few days, he had adamantly refused to have human contact of any kind and locked himself inside his own house. It was there he composed his last will and testaments and unfortunately, by the time we found him...he was already dead. His last will and testament had been recorded on a primitive flash drive. Making it very difficult to extract the contents inside. It had taken us three months, but we did it. No longer shall the good people on earth have to wonder what his last words and actions are, for they would be uploaded for the first time, live on October the eighteenth.