Lucy, the Mysterious Healer

"Work hard and trust in yourself." At the School Assembly, the school principal challenges all the students and appreciates their excellent academic performance on the New Academic Year Day. It’s far better than any other previous year. She communicates to the students that many parents have reported to her about their children’s super behaviour at home, their helping mentality, and a disciplined and hard-working lifestyle during the Summer Vacation. It thrills the students to hear this, and some of them from the assembly shout, "Our school captain Lucy has helped us for our new way of doing things. Three cheers to Lucy." The student community responds in unison. But Lucy bends her head in shyness. They have learned to appreciate others in public and give due credit to deserving ones. The teaching staff is proud to see how their students have acquired a healthy attitude of selfless, dignified individuals.

 The Principal asks Lucy to give a brief talk to the students at the end of the session. Now she is in her last year in school. She comes to the podium with great humility and self-confidence.

 Full of courage and confidence, she looks at the school gathering from the left end to the right end from front to the back with a productive contagious smile that fills the hearts of everyone over there and relaxes all. What a miracle a smile can do! A total relaxed calmness spread around. In that healthy silence, she opens her mouth.

 "Your future depends on how you think and what you do today," Lucy says and looks at every student in silence once again. Looking at all, she repeats the statement. Starting with this statement of Mahatma Gandhiji, Lucy makes a powerful, motivating, brief speech, challenging all the pupils and staff to be more productive and each one to be a catalyst, an incentive to others. The pin-drop silence among the staff and students is the proper response to Lucy’s golden words. That triggered a reflective mood in all. They all can see a mighty, selfless leader in front of them. Lucy has decided in this New Year not to use her extraordinary powers but hard work, learning more defence tactics for security, thoughtful planning, and action. The Principal permits Lucy to invite two willing and interested students from each class to become leaders for various school activities and meet with her at the gathering. In a few meetings, she teaches them unique methods to develop leadership qualities, persuade them with clarity, and ensures success. She convinces them that every work has dignity and needs to respect it and demean no type of work. With this attitude, if they move on, they can build up a dignified nation. She has also trained them to spend at least fifteen minutes daily to remember the Creator God, be grateful to him for every gift, and get His guidance. When we give our time to God, He can communicate to us, and then, we can do things better with his advice. Lucy, the school captain, gives each leader specific responsibilities to activate in the campus, such as looking after the cleanliness of a particular area of the school, discipline in each class, grow a beautiful flower garden, and many more creative activities for the growth of the Institution. She has built up a creative interest in them. Thus, she divides the campus into different sections for effective functioning. 

 Before getting into action, she addresses all the leaders of the students to motivate them. She conveys that their negative attitude toward themselves and others stands as a stumbling block to their achievement. She urges them to grow out of this is an urgent need for them. 

 Lucy is a voracious reader, packed with ideas and knowledge, and she attempts to put them into practice in her life. Lucy has become a walking encyclopedia in the school. There is always a type of novelty in her. There is a fire within her that ablaze her to move out to others in doing good and helping them become better. She believes that everybody has this fire within, but the ashes cover it, so, needs to enkindle them into flames like Florence Nightingale of Briton.

 In the meeting, she asks the leaders, "Do you know who is Helen Keller?"

 A few of them answer positively, and the rest remain in silence. So, Lucy explains to them about her, "Helen Keller was born on 27th June 1880, in Tuscumbia, Alabama, USA. Her birthplace is a museum today. When she was only 19 months old, an unidentified illness took away her hearing and seeing ability. Anne Sullivan became Helen Keller’s teacher, and Helen learned to face her life as a deaf and blind girl. She grew up and graduated from Radcliffe College in 1904 at 24 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She was a prolific writer, writing 14 books and hundreds of speeches and essays on topics ranging from animals to Mahatma Gandhi. Keller campaigned for those with disabilities, for women’s suffrage, labor rights, and world peace. She became an inspiration for many people, and proved to the world that disability didn’t matter, but with hard work and determination everyone can triumph over adversity." 

 "Do we have eyes? Do we have hearing ability?" Lucy gently challenges them.

 "Yes." They answered her in unison. 

 "Helen Keller with two disabilities could achieve great things for others and became famous. We with no disabilities, can we do something good for others?" Lucy makes them aware of their capacities for good.

 Most of them are optimistic about it, but the others are doubtful. 

 Observing the not-sure students, Lucy continued, "Yes, when we do not know we all can do beautiful things, we doubt our capacities. Instead, we focus on our inabilities and diffidence. So, we fail to achieve what we are capable of. It’s essential to find one particular talent in us and give special attention to excel in it. This can keep us away from that famous virus called jealousy. It’s worse than that Covid-19 virus. This virus also prevents us from achieving great things." Lucy boosts them up. 

 "Helen Keller once said, ’Keep your face to the sun, and you will never see the shadows.’ This means that we have to always focus on the positive aspects of life. Always believe, the magic is about to happen. Always have faith that blessing and miracles are just around the corner. When we move with this attitude, our life will change. I request you all, therefore as leaders of our school, at different level, to look at the positive side of our life, and we can achieve great things in our life for the upliftment of our nation. You go back to your classes and motivate them. All of you are capable of it. So, I request you all to do your best. Trials will be there, and they have to be there to learn wisdom in life. But be alert why something unhealthy has taken place, learn from your down-to-earth experiences. Refuse to give up till you win because you are born to win. We are born to fly high like the wise eagles. If we all together make an attempt, success is ours. It’s already at our door. Once we succeed, we go on succeeding in every area, because success is like a contagious sickness. It spreads far and wide quick." She inspires them all to effective action with the fire within her.

 "The biggest enemy of any achievement is insecurity feelings. My dear sisters, ’until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t explore your possibilities.’ We all together, it is possible for all of us. We will never give up, but move on with hope and trust in our Creator God." She kindles the fire in each one of her companions.

 Lucy motivates and induces the non-cooperative students to commit. She constantly tells them through her practical life, without respect for each other, they can achieve nothing good in life. Each leader does everything in the best way possible, to more excellent freshness and cleanliness in the school’s surroundings and classrooms. Now, they have discipline in their Institution out of love for order and sanitation; call it a divine consciousness rather than obeying the authorities’ demands. People outside the school have started to comment that the pupils of St. Xavier’s are decent, well-disciplined, and very respectful of others, especially the elderly persons. When they travel in public vehicles and if an elderly person boards and finds no seat available, and if there is a Xaverian, she gets up and gives her seat to the elderly person. This has become the characteristic behavior of a Xaverian, a good practical lesson today for those who neither respect the elders nor help them. This is wonderful to note that when the Xaverians’ attitudes have changed positively, their performance in every field has improved, and all appreciate it well. The Xaverians have a common principle, "If you live, live a meaningful life." This overall growth has been a mighty motivating force in each one of them. Their true lifestyle has become well-known to others. 

 Even though Lucy is sure of what she says, when she puts into action her ideas, the opposition and their teasing are discouraging, but she faces it with mental calmness. Her handicap has become a mighty emotional stumbling block in front of others. Some of them even now called her behind her back, ’Kundi’ her only nickname, and make fun of her. She meets her highly jealous negative critiques gracefully. Lucy finds it very difficult sometimes to face all opposing characters and bring them to a balanced, joined work. Even some companions think she will become famous if they support and cooperate with her and gain nothing. Such low-level thinking human beings are still there, in the school. Lucy, with a shock, has realized this truth as part of the conditioned mental state of particular human beings. She respects their freedom to do so. She never keeps a grudge against them. This forgiving attitude is the beauty of Lucy’s soul. But, once she gets convinced of something as healthy, helpful to the common good, and sees the greater good in it, she will not abandon it in the face of any opposition. She believes in tolerance, patience, and prayer.

 Very often, she consciously lowers herself with a tremendous attitude of humility to achieve the greater good. Some companions have learned from her, observing how she humbles and allows others to win over her in silly things to rise above in serious matters. Lucy neither wastes time nor compromises with anyone in serious issues. She holds on to her life principles with boldness. Those who are not that wise and egocentric allows them to win over her in minor matters, so they readily agree with her on serious issues. Her prudence helps her achieve support and cooperation from her enemies. This method is an excellent lesson for everybody. Her handicap keeps her humble, and her sensitivity to God makes her generous to all suffering individuals. She never allows her physical impediment to defeat her plans and principles of life. She has won over her physical defect—a true sign of a successful person. 

 Along with Paaru, her friend Lucy promotes a dying basketball team in the school. Paaru is an outstanding basketball player as she is well built, tall and sturdy, and trains many interested students in the Basket ball game. She gets an idea to get a coach from outside, and Lucy supports her. So, Paaru and Lucy propose the matter to the teachers and the Principal and they get full support from the authorities. The Principal arranged a known basketball coach for the school team and promoted this game in the school. 

 Showing their interest, many girls have joined the training practice. Paaru, the School Basketball captain, has formed a well-tested School Team with the coach’s help. She has led her team to many serious matches. Her team has brought glory to the school. To test their strength, they get a golden chance to play in district-level tournaments. They easily shine over the game and the other teams. The next opportunity takes the team to greater glory and power. Here, she leads her school team to Interstate level, and her team, defeating all other teams they have played against, has reached the finals. It’s an exciting and challenging match, the score getting 150 to 98. They have stolen the hearts of audiences through their highly disciplined, discreet, well-coordinated, and fast performance. Their team has presented a decently entertaining game and lessons in many tactics and ways of passing the ball to their players, confusing the opponents. The St. Xavier’s basketball team has lifted the state-level trophy of the High School group.

 They have awarded Paaru, the team captain, as the best player and the highest scorer. The National Sports Authority has been observing her playing and has selected her for the national team. St. Xavier’s Girls’ School, Geethgunj, has proved everywhere that hard work with discipline, honesty, respect for others, coordination, and prayer can bring victory in any demanding project or situation. No school can defeat St. Xavier’s School, Geethgunj. 

 The students get a lot of challenges from the outside caused by jealousy. Circumstances force the school authorities to take precautions, and they plan to train the students in self-defence techniques. All the leaders take a particular interest in learning it. Learning Karate art has become part of the school curriculum and part of the school sport. Appointing a martial art teacher as a regular trainer has added to the school’s richness. They have taken part in many karate competitions in different places, and in their first district-level Karate tournament, they have accepted the defeat in the finals gracefully. They all believe ’failure is the stepping stone to victory.’ Learning from mistakes, more challenging practices, and picking up newer tactics, they have lifted the inter-district Karate Tournament Trophy in the following year under the able captaincy of Lucy, the school captain.

 The difficulties multiply for them as they have become more and more famous. Their learning in martial arts is only for self-defence and not for attacks. They have built up a school Karate Team with good morale, called the ’Girls Thunderbolt.’ Though a lame girl, the expertise of Lucy motivates everyone to learn the art well to excel in it. Systematic hard work and strict discipline have taken the team to its glory. The school has turned into a synonym for victory through persistent hard work, honesty, and respect for everyone. 

 After some training program, Lucy goes back home at one Sunset. She has to walk some distance down a lonely road. Suddenly, three youngsters appear before her in threat. She looks around; she is all alone. First, she requests them to let her go. They are not listening to her humble requests. Instead, they allow their lower nature to activate, look at her body in the wrong places, and making lustful comments. But with confidence, she uses her karate training. All three are on the ground, struggling, writhing in pain.

 "Stand up." She gestures them to fight. 

 One of them says, "I’m sorry, forgive me, Ma’am." 

 Telling them to go home, Lucy continues her journey home on that late evening. 

 She is a super-specialist in the karate circle, apart from being a Black Belt. She is proficient in power punches to knock out or knock down an opponent. No one has ever succeeded in her age group category so far to overpower Lucy in different leg locks like kneebar, straight ankle lock, and calf slicer, despite her foot impediment. Her unexpected change of various techniques with lightning speed in a fight has echoed everywhere, and she can send chill waves to her opponents. Her focusing power and alertness to street surroundings are terrifying. There, two young men appear in front of her; they look like persons trained in Karate. They give her the warning to fight with them. That means these two have got a message from the other three. Though she is not interested in using her extraordinary powers, her situation compels her to use them. She takes the challenge, and allows one of them to remain 15 feet up in the air, and invites the other one, saying," Let’s fight on an equal footing, one against one."

 Look at the fierce fight between them. Lucy’s every kick sends him flying and falls like a sack of potatoes; his eyes are bleeding profusely. He has asked for it and has no more strength to get up from the ground. He appears like scorched veg and shows no more interest to fight. She stops fighting with him. Making sure he cannot fight with her anymore, she brings down the other one from the air and asks, "Do you also want to fight with me?" 

 What he has experienced directly has already mystified him. After remaining a reasonable amount of time in the air in a mysterious and horrid way, for an aerial view of the lightning fight, Lucy has given to his friend, he denies fighting with her. With a complete understanding of Lucy’s diplomatic way of sending shots to his friend to stay on the ground helplessly, he bows down to touch the ground before her in humility. He says, "Forgive us, ma’am, for our foolishness and accept us as your unworthy disciples." That’s an honest and convinced comment. This experience has made Lucy recognize what tempered steel she is. 

 Lucy is now cautious and more alert wherever she goes out. When Paaru and others come to know about it, it alarms them. They all realize that they may have enemies around them. With precaution, they move about in boldness. 

 Four days later, as she was going back home, late in the evening, a bulky guy appeared calling her" Kundi" and insulted her, "Today I will make your Kunti, chutney." 

 Hearing about the five boys’ mortal encounter with Lucy, against the boys’ request never to fight or harm the girl, this wrestler has come to meet Lucy. "Leave me alone, please." Lucy requests him. 

 His answer is a mouthful of abuses and insults against Lucy and comes to overpower Lucy. As he raises his hand to catch her hair, she, with lightning speed, moves and grabs his wrist, allows his hand to go downward in the line of his attack, and with her left hand gives a mighty punch below his left eye on the nerve centre point, sending him to the ground unconscious. The sound of falling is greater than the fall itself. She waits for a while to see if he wants to fight with her. He opens his eyes but feels strengthless and tells her with his eyes to go away. Lucy continues her journey back home. She has never seen him since then. Lucy has used a defence technique where the person gets unconscious and becomes paralyzed, unable to move. 

 A few days later, Lucy gets a phone call from one of those five youths who attacked her. It says, "We know about you from others, and we know that people have no word against you but full of appreciation. Learning from what you have done to your school and others, people have changed their unhealthy behaviours. You are such a decent and precious person helping others, risking so much your comfort and life; you have brought joy to your school. You are selfless, enormous support for children and all. In the name of my companions, I ask your pardon once again and request you to accept us and never keep enmity with us. We know we have to learn a lot of things from you to be worthy human beings. We also feel ashamed of that Gusti champion’s attack on you. 

 We are from the government college hostel," Gunduram continues, "You have already challenged us to change our ways of life. As a challenge, Satan has been prompting us to destroy you. But God has won over us, and we are very grateful to you for bringing new life to five scoundrels and one gusti champion. We promise you to begin our share of doing something good for people as you do. Though you are our junior, you are much above us in your talents, morality, wisdom, prudence, and respect for others. You are in your last year of enrollement in your school. Please join our college, and our college needs people like you to transform and bring the sanctity of education. We need proper tactful training from masters like you." Gundam says apologetically.                                          

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