Jane-Holly Meissner's latest update for Mutants: Uprising

May 26, 2017


"It’s the end of the world as we know it... ...and I feel fine."

Mutants: Uprising is tied for 3rd in the Nerdist SciFi contest. One preorder puts me on top, one from my plucky competitor puts me out of the running. You are one of over 60 people following this book, and if you have already preordered I am so thankful and amazed to have your support and trust. If you haven’t yet...

...Help me stay on top, and in the top 3? Put in your preorder today, don’t put it off. Once I lose the top it’s going to be hell to get back into it. Mutants: Uprising is an irreverent, kickass story with heroine who doesn’t know the meaning of "you can’t". She’s out to make her name on her own, and so am I - and you’re going to help me do it.

See ya soon,

p.s. buy my book