This one looks like a fun read. Check it out.
Sandra Ann
Such a fantastic read!  Grabs you right from the start. It a Rollercoaster ride ,telling the story of Lucifer and how he became Satan. His ride between Heaven and Hell, actually seems so real, it maybe fantasy, but in the back of your mind ,you're going this is how it really happened. And leaving Hell, his adventures,  don't want to give anything away are amazing. I love this book! Rowan is a friend of mine, but this is genius. The story, we want to know, humor oh such humor! But makes you really wonder? So good, I have asked him to continue this story with part 2. I wait patiently with baited breath!
Stephen Carignan
An interesting take on the creation myth, Morning Star explains creation and the Judeo-Christian god from the point of view of Lucifer. The almost satiric voice of the protagonist reveals the dual nature of any good and evil relationship in a way which heightens the dramatic conflict within the narrative. I love the point of view of the storyteller, and the truths he has and will reveal as I read on. Great work.
Rebekka S. Leber
I think I learned more from this than ever reading the Bible. The depth of research and biblical knowledge is impressive. Cruikshank manages to truly make you feel sympathy for the devil.
Y. E. Katerina
Cheeky adventure and Lucifer, what more can you ask for? Twisting the conventional image of the morning star, this story will make you laugh and grip you with empathy for the devil himself.
Joseph Terzieva
Looks promising and the writing is GOOD. This could be a big hit with enough eyes on it.
Joshua Griffith
It's nice to read a good story, especially from the view of an ancient antagonist like Lucifer. I guess this one will cause us to have sympathy for the devil? A great start and I highly recommend others to follow this one.
Joseph Asphahani
Morning Star very much reminds me of one of my favorite literary epics, Paradise Lost. Listen to the reason of the first among angels, expertly crafted by this talented writer.