C.Noel Carlson

Mad poet obsessed with beauty and horror. Everything I know I learned from stories and begrudging forays into reality.
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Elizabeth survives a flu epidemic which sparks the zombie apocalypse, and feels her thirties aren’t going as well as she’d hoped. Then there are the tales of tall, mysterious creatures lurking in the darkness. Are the survivors the unlucky ones?
The all-powerful Commission regulates the galaxy, and Grisgoff, a ward of the state, is trapped in the bureaucracy. He strikes a deal for his freedom: Catch the elusive Interloper #57 and all will be forgiven. But...have you SEEN this girl?
Books C.Noel Recommends
I am obsessed with this story from the first section I read. I love that it reimagines the creation story in such a clever yet readable way.
The story of Lucifer, and his rather cheeky adventures while possessing a nun who is pregnant with the child of an archangel. Lots of laughs
There's an apocalyptic tone to the voice of the narrator that immediately drew me in. Check this one out!
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by Stephen King
by Max Barry
by Kazuo Ishiguro
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