Chapter 1


On the night of October 2nd 1893 the second largest hurricane ever recorded hit Louisiana, killing 2000 people. Whole villages, including St Malo and Chenier Caminada, were swept from the face of the this day it remains one of the greatest natural disasters in American history and became known as THE EVIL WIND.


Tongues of lightning flickered from the sullen clouds overhead, bleaching the dark swamp waters on either side of a muddy track. Trembling shadows silhouetting the desolate landscape. Mangrove roots shuddered in the howling wind, grey tentacles writhing in pain. Through torrents of rain, a black coach raced ahead of the approaching storm.

Five women stared out into the gloom, their pale, terrified faces reflecting the life they’d endured. The coach driver whipped the horses with grim desperation. His face a ravaged mask framing coal black eyes. He wore a studded leather collar that barely covered the livid rope burns around his throat.

The coach shuddered to a halt. The wind and rain ceased. They were in the eye of the storm. A skein of cloud tore across the moon revealing a ghostly, silvered landscape. Swamp water shimmering in its pale light. Beside the banks of the track the hooded eyes of an alligator stared balefully into the night. The horses lunged against their harnesses. Eyes rolling with fear. The alligator sank back below the surface leaving nothing but ripples to mark its presence.

Inside the coach, the weary women huddled together. They wore identical red scarves around their necks. One of them, blonde haired with an ethereal beauty, looked out of the coach window. A sudden gust of wind ripped the scarf from her neck. Sent it floating into the sky. A red wound across the dark clouds above.

The driver climbed down from the carriage. Reached into his jacket and pulled out a pistol. He headed purposefully towards the door of the coach. The blonde girl started to scream. Her voice snuffed out as a maelstrom of grey water engulfed them.

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