Suaine's latest update for Jump the Gun

Jun 8, 2016

Two updates in the same day? Indeed! I have fabulous news! Jump the Gun is the June syndicate pick for Write Out Loud and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of that.

We also hit a little milestone on the long way to publishing: 50 copies sold!

I want to take the time to thank a few people who’ve helped get me to this point: first and always, RH Webster, who has been invaluable in keeping my spirit up, Ricardo Henriquez, who threw the entire weight of his syndicate behind this story, James Rasile, Joni Dee, Elayna Mae Darcy, and of course every single one of you who’s put their trust in me by pre-ordering this fantastic adventure.

I’d also like to put the link to Dakota’s beautiful art here again so you can access it right from your email:

If you haven’t pre-ordered, now’s the time. Also, make your friends, family and pets buy the book, too. I’m going to announce a raffle for referrers sometime next week and it will be a culinary delight.