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Queer lady writer, reader and serious geek. I’m also a professional baker/pastry chef.
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Meg, a fighter pilot, and Captain Jasmin Pierce, the civilian commander of the Rheda, find themselves on a mission that spans more than just light years: there’s mystery, adventure, romance, discovery, danger and love for the stars.
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As an ex-psychologist, I can only applaud more work that sheds some light on the daily struggles of people who've been hurt without physical wounds or scars. The book is 21 copies away from being fully funded - and you can be a part of that.
A Canadian soldier struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, risking his marriage, career, and life itself in a bid for redemption.
Awesome women in space should be enough for anyone to buy this book, the great writing is just icing on the cake!
Lucky was going home when she’s suddenly in the middle of an interstellar conspiracy. Who can she trust when she doesn’t know anyone?
If you like gentlemanly murder mysteries, be sure to check out this novel. The writing is stellar and will surely grab you within the first page.
When the newest member of Eric Peterkin’s London club is found stabbed to death, Eric throws himself into a quest for the truth: missing nurses, morphine addiction, shell shock. The Great War is over, but the memories remain...
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