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Michelle Morone

Author of ’Awakening’, ’Netherworld’ and ’Novice’. Aspiring writer and career mathematician, currently teaching high school.
Michelle is the author of
When Anabeth Caerhart is thrust suddenly into the middle of the magical Underworld, she must struggle to learn her new magic powers before she loses them forever to the Director and her Consort.
Anabeth Caerhart must help her friends adjust to the ways of magic, all the while staving off attacks by demon magi.
After Alexander is fired from his job, his life takes a turn for the worse. Drinking his sorrows away, he comes up with a plan to get some much-needed money. But concocting a plan is one thing...dealing with the fallout is another matter entirely.
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Books Michelle Recommends
Well-written, believable characters, and reminiscent of the Hunger Games... Pre-order this book now. You won't be disappointed.
It takes Magic to become a Noble, and Sky is shocked when she is discovered to have the gift. Forced to leave home and travel to the High Court for training, Sky finds out just how dangerous her new life is. While in the West a great evil waits.
Filled with rich prose and action around every turn, Witherfist is a novel that draws you in and makes you want to keep turning the "page". Characters are well-developed and the world is fully realized. Excellent job, J!
What’s in a name? In the Last Empire, a name is the most powerful weapon you can possess.
This is a book that grabs hold of you and doesn't let go until you breathlessly make your way to the finish line. Superb writing, excellent insights, truly a fine read. Pick up a copy today and you won't regret it.
What would become of the world if the dead never left us, if we could reach across the divide and communicate with those we’ve lost?
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by China Miéville
by J. R. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
by Brandon Sanderson
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