Asher Gray

An aspiring writer and an obsessive bookworm. Idealistic but cynical; open-minded but stubborn. I’m a paradox. I’m also not straight, for those of you who haven’t figured that out yet.
Asher is the author of
Alvah is trapped. Alive in Hell, he must journey to Mt. Purgatorio to be resurrected, led by the mysterious shade, Dmitri.
Books Asher Recommends
This is a well-worded memoir about a transgender woman. Even if you aren't interested, you should read it just for the exposure it gives the gender spectrum.
An autobiographical short of a trans-woman’s journey from the closet to the public.
This book has a very somber tone but covers a lot of important topics. It will get you hooked. I suggest you read it.
When you die your soul doesn’t just leave your body. There’s a process: ripping, reaping, replacing.
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