Dear book supporters,

As the holidays approach, I wanted to update you on the novel. I have received my Editorial Letter from the Inkshares team, and it is chock-full of suggestions to improve the story. Since then, I have been diving back into the manuscript and working to bring it to the next level.

Many of you have asked, “When is the book coming out?”

Unfortunately, I can’t give an exact date. This is an iterative process with many steps (developmental editing, copyediting, marketing). But I can say that I am still working steadily on the book, and that it’s been wonderful to have the partnership of the Inkshares team.

In the meantime, I have been posting my nonfiction writing to my Substack: stephenharrison.substack.com

^ Check out my latest story if you’re curious about the “Birth of Wikipedia” NFT.

Once again, I wanted to thank you for your support of the book earlier this year. I am looking forward to staying in touch with you throughout the holidays and into 2022.

Best regards,

I wanted to send an update on the status of Infodemic, one of three finalists in the 2020 Inkshares contest. I have now finished working on the manuscript with an outside editor, the talented and lovely Michele Abramowitz. 

As of Friday, I have passed the manuscript onto the Inkshares team and am awaiting the next steps. Thanks again to everyone who has preordered a copy of the novel or otherwise supported this book throughout 2020/2021.

In the meantime, do check out my email newsletter, where I will soon be sharing a non-fiction investigative story that I’m currently writing for Slate.


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WE DID IT!!! Thanks to your support, Infodemic came in second in the 2020 Inkshares All Genre Contest! We finished number 2 out of 383 entrants, which means that the novel will be published.

I am very grateful to all of you for the support and enthusiasm. Like the editors who contribute to the fictional Infopendium, this was definitely a team effort :) So thank you!

Inkshares estimates that the publishing process takes at least nine months. A few books have been delayed due to COVID-19. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I will be working with a team of professionals on the manuscript itself as well as the marketing to give Infodemic the best launch possible. Also, Inkshares is known for securing audiobook/film/TV deals for its properties, and I’m certainly excited about that possibility.

Infodemic can continue to take Pre-Orders, which will help with hitting bestseller and other industry benchmarks. Tell your friends to reserve their copy on the Inkshares page.

I continue to write regularly for Slate and have recently published stories in WIRED and the Columbia Journalism Review. If you or someone you know is fascinated by stories about internet info & misinfo, check out: stephenharrison.substack.com

Thank you again for helping to get this book out there.

Caren mcvicker   small Caren Simpson McVicker · Author · added almost 2 years ago
Congratulations! I’m honored to be on this publishing journey with you!
Userphoto6 original Alex Cornillie · Reader · added almost 2 years ago
Most of us are glad to see 2020 in the rear view mirror, looking ahead to better days in the future. But the reality is that, without a shared sense of truth, the future might be even darker than the recent past. Infopendium tells the true story the last real bulwark against misinformation and manipulation in our modern era. Like Orwell’s 1984, it’s relevance will surely only increase with time
Profilepic Carl Armstrong · Reader · added almost 2 years ago
Very intrigued by the Carlos character.  Has  an arousing machismo that drips off the pages.  Seems to be a real world-shaker.

Hey Everyone!

Today is the LAST day of the Inkshares All-Genre Book Contest and INFODEMIC is currently standing in second place on the leaderboard (out of 378 submissions).

Tomorrow, we will know if INFODEMIC has been selected for publication. Thank you to everyone who has supported so far. The feedback from readers has been the best part of this entire process! 

Here are a few things you can do today if you’d like to help: 

1) Become a follower. All you have to do is click the "follow" button on Inkshares and enter your email or sign in with social media. 

⁠⁠2) Leave a comment in the Discussion tab. Who is your favorite character so far? Is it Morgan, Alex, Deja, Doc Luke, or Carlos?

3) Nominate the book. To do this, create an account and click the “nominate” button to let @Inkshares know you think this book should be published.⁠⁠ 

4) Pre-order your copy.⁠⁠

Here is the link to the book page: https://www.inkshares.com/books/infodemic

To my fellow Texas friends, wishing you peace and security as we recover from the recent storm.


Af51f500 254e 427e 9c45 93e1881f4144 Kim Tag · Reader · edited about 2 years ago · 1 like

Infodemic is a witty, charismatic and enjoyable read. It takes us on an adventure that is not only informative, but relevant as we delve into the fast growing online knowledge based culture. I found each character to be well developed and relatable in a way that I feel like I know them personally. I enjoyed the author’s insight as he brought the storyline to life through the protagonist’s experience and interactions. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the story plays out. 

Nicole · Author · added about 2 years ago
I love how relevant this story is to the times we are living in. The author does a fantastic job setting up the arc of the story and the characters. Kudos, Stephen!
Userphoto2 original Reader Writer · Reader · added about 2 years ago
Never has a book felt so relevant yet timeless simultaneously. Infodemic gives nothing away and will reward the observant reader! Every character is thoughtfully crafted with in-depth backstories, adding to the nuance of the novel. It’s a novel that spans across so many lives and goes to show the true impact the Internet has had. I genuinely couldn’t stop reading! 

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