Hello all,

This is just a quick update.  This campaign is off to a good start.  It’s up to 10 orders which might not seem like much but as previously stated this is more so a marathon than a sprint.  I am currently working on a rewrite so for those that have received copies in the past, either as beta or just a thank you from me for the support, there will be a few changes.  Some kind of significant others just for my peace of mind.  

If you’re reading this thanks again for following along and for supporting this project.  If you haven’t ordered yet but would like to feel encouraged to use the link below:


Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your weekend/week depending on when this finds you.



Hello all,

It’s been about 9 months since I’ve sent one of these out and that was largely due to my previous funding not going so well.  Depending on how you look at it anyway.  Yes my book didn’t hit it’s goal, which wasn’t awesome but was easy to make peace with.  It started out not published and ended similarly.  Still not published but it had grown more of an audience than it ever would have sitting on my hard drive collecting digital dust.  What I came out of it with was a group of talented new friends that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.  They are a great group of people from a very welcoming community.  I am proud of their successes and appreciate all the support they’ve given to me and many others.  
It is because of this community and their support that I have decided to put my book back up for funding again.  I honestly have hopes but no expectations.  I set the funding up for a year because I noticed that the interest came in spurts and this would allow for people to find it at their own pace.  Already the campaign is going well at less than a day in.  Rick, Amanda, James, Joseph and Kendra have been great and helping that along.  This time around I want this to be pressure free.  If you preordered last time then that makes you awesome but there is no obligation to do it again, you are still awesome.  It would be great if you did order again but just knowing that you believed in it is great too.  Thanks for following along and supporting me and this project.  



Hello all!

So as I'm sure many of you may have heard Inkshares is changing their funding options.  As of October 30th they will be dropping the funding goal to only 250 preorders, the other side of that is that the preorder price is going up to $20.  Now I of course think that my book is worth even as high as $21 but I'm biased.  So you have five days to get a copy of I Think You Dropped This for the low low price of $9.99!  Many of you have already ordered a copy and for that I am grateful and for those that haven't I appreciate you following the progress.  
If I may ask another favor please spread the word around to anyone that may be interested even in the slightest.  I have only until November 17th to reach this goal and we're only at 73 preorders.  It's around 29% of the way to the new goal for the lite publishing option.  I understand that it may not be the easiest thing to pitch... I mean during the Nerdist contest I went to see Chris Hardwick perform stand up and pitched my book to anyone there that would listen and didn't see a single preorder.  But that just means that they're not as awesome as all of you!
If you'd be so kind here is a link you could share: http://bit.do/ithinkyoudroppedthis

Here is a random thought about Back to the Future:  In BTTF3 it's stated that Marty couldn't get Doc back to 1985 from the old west because the fuel line was ruptured and the gas leaked out.  In the original there is a bit of dialogue between the two shortly after the time machine first jumps Einstein one minute into the future where Marty asks Doc if it runs on Unleaded and Doc replied that it unfortunately needed a little more of a kick and that it ran on electricity.  Even if it was converted back to gas after the addition of Mr. Fusion they still could have taken the gas and fuel line out of the time machine that Doc sealed off in the mine that Marty and 1955 Doc fixed up.  Now why didn't they do this?  Because then there wouldn't be a movie.  
Back to the Future is a near flawless movie, the sequels not so much but still awesome. 
With any luck maybe someday there will be someone sick in bed rereading my book the way I'm rewatching Back to the Future pointlessly picking apart minor details.  Well, one can dream.  

Thanks again for all your help and support.  Even if I don't hit my goal I'm so much further along than I had ever expected!

Hello All!

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update to let you know that today I am featured on John Robin's World Builder blog:
Thanks again John for the opportunity.  I really hope what I said made sense.  I confuse myself easily.  For the few of you that may not know John you can find his epic fantasy novel here:
and for good measure here is a link to my book in case you feel so inclined to preorder :-)

Thanks everyone for following along!



Hello 102 of my closest friends!

I haven't had much to update about so I figured I'd just add to your inboxes saying hi.  Well not just hi.  I'd like to ask you a favor.  I'm not that great at marketing.  I'm more so for writing and art.  If you could be so kind to recommend my book to a few of your closest friends I'd be grateful.  I know how difficult it could be especially to try and sell a book to someone so I'm cool if you're picky as to who you ask.  If each of you got only one to preorder that would more than double my preorder total and help so very much.  I'm realistic though, I mean I was able to only get one of my two sisters to order so any effort is appreciated.  

Oh wait there is something I can update about!  I pointlessly pushed to get more followers on Inkshares than Felicia Day.  And I got em!  I'm sure if you follow me on Twitter you're aware of the competition that she either had no idea was going on or didn't care was going on.  It's the pointless victories, really.  That is how that saying goes right?  But that does mean that I'm like number 11 on the top readers list.  My profile has almost 200 followers and I encourage all of them to check out my book and preorder if they or you like what you see. 

To show that I'm not selfish with my updates here are a few books that I support and can't wait to get my hands on:

The Talkers Are Talking

She's The End

Shadow of the Owl

The Fable Hunt

Cancel The Ark



Blood Dawn

Check 'em all out there is no disappointment to be had in any of them.

Thanks again for all the support



This is stressful and I'm not even in the top five.  Haha

Here's some to check out: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/she-is-the-end





Good luck with these last 10 minutes!

Congratulations to everyone in the top 5!  And the Top 300- however many of us there are!

It's time for me to cram yet another update into your already too full inboxes.

The sad truth is that I am far from the top 5.  The happy truth is that I'm much further along than I had expected!  This contest has done one major thing for me and that was to push me to get my book out there.  It's a great feeling that some people think that this thing that I've worked on for so long is not only worth their time but also enjoyable.  Also it's a great feeling to know that some people are very polite and preordered out of their good nature.  Another great feeling is the one that people I know get when they preorder and I shut up and leave them alone.  
I offer my sincere congratulations to all that have made it into the top 5.  Your talents and exhaustive efforts are being rewarded and even though you can't hear it I applaud you.  I especially want to congratulate and thank Rick and Dave.  Who were supportive of me very early on and really helped with my book gaining momentum. If you haven't preordered their books yet feel encouraged to check them out here:

For five in the contest this is the end, for the rest this is only the middle.

I won't drag this out longer than it needs to be so I'll leave you with Congratulations to the Top 5's!  

and preorder my book:  http://t.co/lKEuSDmp0R   


Hello readery friends!

So as with about all but five to ten authors here I've accepted the truth that it is not likely that my book will end up in the top five of the Nerdist contest.  Which is totally fine.  It was still the kick in the pants I needed to start getting my book out there.  I'm thrilled that it's finding an audience.  Thank you again to everyone that has backed this project!  This is not all to say that it's over.  Far from it!  Now the push to the 1000 has begun!  I mean I'll still take 1000 by this coming Wednesday but by November will be fine as well.  Currently I'm up to 47 preorders from some very nice generous people and I'd love to keep this momentum going.  Please feel encouraged to spread the word to anyone and everyone you've ever met.  And if you're a follower that hasn't preordered just yet thanks for coming along for the ride and if you'd ever feel so inclined the preorder button isn't going aywhere... until November anyway.
I'm currently working on a couple additional projects that you'll all get to see eventually if things work out.  One of which is a raffle/give away that you're entered in just by ordering.  I'll keep you posted on what's going with all that.  Assuming I'm not on my phone since I can't do updates from my phone for some reason.  

Thanks for all the continuing support!



Here folks, have another update:

Thanks to you wonderful people I'm up to 106 followers, 62 for my book and 31 preorders!  That's incredible!  Thanks to John, Rick and Andrew for the multiple orders you're too kind.  You can find their books here:
They're all well worth your time.
I'm still getting a content update ready and will have that up soon.
If you're following me and haven't ordered yet and are considering it feel free to contact me about anything.
Please keep telling your family and friends and coworkers and strangers on the bus about my project.  Let's see how far we can take this!

Thanks for all the continued support!



Hey Folks!

So this weekend was pretty great!  23!  I'm up to 23 preorders and it's all thanks to you!  This is some real momentum that my project is gaining.  Yes, I know that 23 isn't hundreds but it sure as hell feels as good!  Thank you to everyone that has followed and or preordered.  All the support is incredible!  
Please feel encouraged to send any thoughts, feedback or even just say "Hi."  Those who have can tell you that I can get pretty chatty.  
I'll be trying to get some more material up soon, some excerpts maybe art and even another trailer.  

Thanks for all the continuing support!  



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