Cari Dubiel's latest update for How to Remember

Dec 5, 2017

Hello, lovely readers! Things are going well. I’ve been on vacation with the husband and kids for the last couple days. I’m writing, reading, and networking like crazy. It will be hard to go back to work!

I’ve got a lot of treats for you this December. The latest update is my Bookish Survey and newsletter. I am going to send a newsletter about once a month, and if you sign up, I’m doing a giveaway that ends December 15. Here’s the link:

I’m giving away a customized book box, so if you want some holiday goodies for yourself or a friend, this is a great way to get them... Books selected just for you by a librarian! 

And as always, please share the Inkshares link, my book trailer, or pretty much anything :-) More to come!