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Too Many Morals

Dameon, punched in the key code to his high-tech lock on his townhouse, opened the door, threw his keys into his Dr. Who collector bowl complete with David Tennant and Rose painted on the side. He always found Rose attractive because she reminded him of Sarah.

“Where have you been??!!” Dameon jumped grabbing for anything he could find to protect himself.

The lights shot on. Sarah was standing in the hallway in Dameon’s XL Deadpool t-shirt she gave him when they first met. The shirt looked like a dress on her petite 5’ 5” frame. He was at a loss for words

“I have been waiting here for hours!” said Sarah “you usually come home at 6pm every day and it is 9pm!” “I’m sorry” added Dameon “The Dean asked me to stay after and talk about a new job opportunity the university is offering—plus, I didn’t think you were coming back…”

“Dameon, I always come back. I know we fought this morning but I wanted to make things right tonight. That is why I put on this sexy number.” Sarah smiled with her sideways grin that took Dameon’s breath away. “What was the job that Dean Wilson offered you?”

“Nothing, really. Just some consulting job.” Dameon deflected her question “How about we see what’s under that sexy number you have on?” Dameon said as he began to caress her hair and kiss her on the neck as she stumbled backwards to his bed.

Daemon’ awoke from another nightmare about Reyley he rolled over to Sarah’s side of the bed. She was already gone. She worked at for the Anders institute as occupational therapist. She mainly worked with Alzheimer’s patients.

Daemon turned on the shower and checked his emails on his phone while he waited for the water to heat up. A hot shower is the only thing that could wake him up and open up his sinuses. He took his clothes of and stepped into his shower. He let the water run through his hair and over his naked body. He stared at the shower wall in front of him with a deep empty stare. 15 minutes went by and he was still staring at the wall the water from the shower was now lukewarm. He looked at the water droplets with intense concentration.

Suddenly the droplets began to turn to broken shards of glass and the water beneath him began to turn to blood. Daemon, startled, he jump out of the shower on to what he thought was the floor but instead he was standing on asphalt covered with blood and human organs around a chalk outline of what to seemed to be a young woman.

Daemon knew where he was. He was at the crime scene of where Reyley had jumped to her death. He had seen the photos at the police precinct but he had no idea how real it was until now. He healed down, still naked, and reached for something he saw next to the chalk outline. It was the Jade necklace he had given Reilly after his trip to New Zealand. He had given it to everyone in the family. Every necklace has a pounamu meaning. Reyley’s was the Koru a spiral shape that meant rebirth and growth. Daemon still had his necklace which meant ‘courage’ he needed all the courage in the world to get through these times. Suddenly a hand grabbed him by the wrist he looked up in shock and saw Reyley staring him in the eyes. The chalk outline was gone now there was only Reyley. After a long pause she began to open her mouth slowly and audibly whispered “Hear my voice. Hear my voice …Daemon.

Daemon fell backwards slipping on the wet floor and hit his head on the outside of the bathtub knocking him unconscious.

“Daemon! Daemon!” A voice called out.

“Reyley??” Daemon called out in confusion. “No it’s me Sarah!” She replied with a look of distress mixed with anger.“ Daemon looked around the room trying to find his bearing. He was in a hospital bed with layers of bandages around his head. The lights were off except for a small lamp dimmed on the other side of the room. He looked back at Sarah. “Daemon, you said you were taking your meds?”

“I…I…am” he hesitated “Then why are you in a hospital bed calling me your sister’s name?” Sarah exclaimed “If you were taking your meds you wouldn’t be here”. “No I really am” he added “This…this time was different. It’s like she called out to me Sarah!” “What do you mean?” She asked with a puzzled look

Daemon sat up and explained to Sarah his vision he had in the shower. She looked at him with eyes full of disbelief and emptiness. She continued to stare and him and cried. “I..I..can’t do this anymore Daemon” Sarah said with all the courage she had left in her “I can’t keep being here for you when you are mentally not here with me” “Reyley is dead and she is never coming back.” “You need time to yourself to realize this. I don’t think we should see each other anymore…”

He looked back at her with tear filled eyes and was at a loss for words. He tried to speak but couldn’t get anything out because he knew she was right. He couldn’t be with her as longs as he believed he could save his sister. He watch her get up, kiss him on the head and say goodbye while she walked out the door.

Daemon screamed in silence in a tone only he could hear. He gasped for breath as tears rolled down his eyes. He stared at the ceiling with despair for what seemed like hours. He heard a nock on his hospital room door. “Hidey Ho Neighbor!” Said Dr. Taylor as he came into the room. A little Dr. humor I suppose. “Hm I usually at least get a smile out of my patients. Is Home Improvement before your time?” said Dr. Taylor “No…no it’s not” Daemon said with a soft yet audible whisper as he looked out the hospital room window with tears rolling down his eyes. “What’s the news Doc? Am I dying?”

“Wha..?Uh…no Daemon quite the opposite!” Dr. Wilson said with confusion “You are fine Daemon. You just just have a real bad concussion that should get better in a few weeks. You will want minimal exposure to light and sound until then. You need sometime to help your brain heal from the hemorrhaging and swelling around it. You are free to go today if you would like. Do you have someone to take you home?”

For a moment Daemon looked off into space and thought of Sarah wishing she was still here. He looked back at Dr. Taylor and said “I’m…I’m not sure…I need to call someone. I..I..hope they will answer. I haven’t talked to them in years”

A few hours later his hospital door swung open and an ecstatic older woman in her 60’s walked into the room with a man about the same age walking slowly behind him. “Daemon! Are you OK??!!” she exclaimed Daemon woke from his trance with a startle as she flipped all the lights on. He covered his eyes in desperation “Mom..Dad…you came?” “Over course we came!” his mother stated “You are our son!” she added. “Yeah bud. We jumped….in…the…car as soon as your mother…mother” his Dad stammered “As soon as you called!” his mother jumping in to finish his father’s sentence. Daemon hated when she did that to him. His father has been suffering with Alzheimer’s the past 5 years and it was hard to watch him to not be able to do things on his own anymore. Including finishing sentences.

“I really appreciate you coming. I wasn’t sure if you would” Daemon said with his eyes still covered. His father noticing the light was bothering Daemon shuffled to turn the lights down again. “Oh I’m sorry about the lights!” His mother said as she watched her husband turn the lights down behind her “It’s hard for your father to see in the dark and I did not realize the light would hurt you” “Of course you didn’t” Daemon mumbled to himself.

“Well the doctor said we can take you home now Daemon. Are you ready?” His mother asked in the way that mother’s do. Already knowing the answer.