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No More Micks

The room was cold and damp the bed sheets had not been washed in months. The odor of sweat and blood filled the room. The big screen tv on the wall was just for show. 

Reyley would start into it while she “worked” everyday. Before the earthquakes this place used to be a 5 star hotel but now it was just a brothel.

For Reyley it is her home, a home that she can never leave. The Mick tonight was different. He was into the weird stuff. He was rough with her. He beat her until she was unconscious and grabbed her hair tight. After he had finished getting his kicks and releasing himself he left as quickly as he came.

The Micks don’t stay very long. They pay their dues and use her and every girl in the place like a lifeless sex doll. Reyley went back to the her “room” for the night. She shared the room with at least 50 other girls. Who really keeps up anymore? Everyone had to fight for scraps to eat.

The more Micks you took the more scraps you got. You might not always get food but you always got a hit. Meth to help you stay awake and Heroin to numb the pain of the constant abuse every day.

Reyley sat on her cot and reached into her pocket pulling out a pregnancy test she took earlier in the day. She cupped it in her hands hiding if from the sight of the other girls. She had worked very hard to smuggle the test in to the brothel. They were not allowed such luxuries.

It was positive—she was pregnant. She immediately begin to sweat and panic. She frantically looked around the room for an answer to her dilemma. If her handler found out that she was pregnant she would be an “processed” and have to give up her food for the next two weeks. She had no clue what to do. She plugged her arm into the heroin drip and took a hit. She took another hit. She took so many hits that she was beyond self control.

She began to think of her way out. She knew what she had to do. She unplugged from the drip and started to slowly walk out of the room. One foot in front of the other. She turned back quickly for one more glance at the life she had created for herself. It was supposed to be different. She wasn’t supposed to be here. She went down the hall way and opened the door to the stairs. The front exit was only four flights down and no one was watching. She could make a run for it but she wasn’t going down.

She headed up to the 5th floor. The top floor. There was shards of glass covering the floor and the wind was howling through the main hallway on the fifth floor. The fifth floor was empty because there was no fifth floor anymore since the earthquakes. Half of the hallway was open to the city below. Reyley began to walk closer to the edge of the hall. Her heart began to pace faster.

She had planned this out every night since she had been kidnapped. She never really thought it would come to this though. She looked down at the cars passing by. They looked like little toys. She wanted to play with them…She let go and began her descent. The air was cold as she fell but she felt fresh and free. She never felt the ground when she hit.

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