Fernando Crôtte
Oh what a glorious beginning to this story. I'm already loving Ceara! You had me at Buffy!
Mike X Welch
I'm not just recommending this because Aly is my wife, but because I know how good this story is! Check it out, all!
Kendra Namednil
What a sweet story! From what I can tell, this one has real heart and a winning soul. Read a few words and you'll be compelled to come back for more!!!
Patrick R Delaney
Grimalkin has the beginnings of an intriguing and charming story, and I for one cannot wait to see the direction this curious tale goes. Give it a read today!
Benjamin Gray
Somehow whimsical and chilling at the same time. If you don't believe that's possible, read it for yourself.
Stephen Carignan
Imaginative and playful, the author draws readers into a deep and meaningful narrative. I look forward to exploring the lore.
dean fearce
the slow book has me twitchy with tension mounting...more please...
Leo Valiquette
From the first page, it's obvious 5-year-old Kira is more than just “pre-co-shuss.” The author draws you in by blending a child's innocent wonder with a lurking threat that only deepens as teenaged Kira gets drawn into strange happenings.