Jane-Holly Meissner's latest update for Fae Child

Feb 4, 2017


Hello Readers and Followers!

We are in the last month of my funding campaign for Fae Child. This has been a great journey - not that it’s been easy, or even fun at times - but it’s been a time of stretching who I am as a person and learning what I really want out of all this.

Obviously publication is still my goal. Fae Child will be published, I promise you that. With 93 copies left to sell and 24 days in which do to it, my confidence that Inkshares is the place where this will happen is waning. If you have been waiting to swoop in and order at the last second, like Gandalf the White riding in to Helm’s Deep to save the day, then now is the time! Preorder your copy!

I will remind you that Fae Child has been backed by three syndicates here on Inkshares. The last thing I want is to fail in the face of such support. Your personal recommendations are worth their weight in gold to me, and I am incredibly grateful for (and a little in awe of) all the reviews and recommendations Fae Child has already gotten. Thank you.

If you haven’t ordered yet, please consider doing so! The campaign will end on Feb 28th and refunds will be going out in March if we do not hit at least 250 orders before then.

Thank you again, for all your support. I can’t do this, and couldn’t have come this far, without you.