Greetings, from Hell,

A dreadfully quiet few months, I’ve been working on other projects. One, a short story which I am happy to say is being included in an upcoming anthology, more on that later.

Many things, personal and otherwise have left the bloodstained halls of Abaddon Temple unattended.

No more. The work has resumed. I’ve got some more for you. Very soon.

Meaner, with teeth, and an insatiable love for suffering.

Welcome to the end.

She’s waiting.

So its been a minute. Been away from Inkshares for the last couple of months, but I’ve been reading everyone’s updates pretty regularly. Looking forward to checking out all the new drafts on here. 

ERESHK is currently due for a full-tilt editing session before I start thinking about what route I want to use to get it into your hands and inside your heads. Its been tough on that front, maybe a lot of you can relate. When you get going on anything creative and then step away from it for a while, getting back into the same headspace you were in when you started can be rough. This year so far has felt more like 10 for me, but I’m starting to get the fire back for this story. More on that soon. 

I’ve recently submitted a short story for the possibility of being included in an upcoming erotic horror anthology, more on that soon. 

Elsewhere, I’ve been working on a new story tentatively titled "THE QUEEN MALIGNANT". Its a more compact, straight-forward and fast pace tale about Darcy, former Peshmerga volunteer turned security consultant for an LA escort service on the hunt for a missing prostitute. Sex dungeons. Snuff films. Black mass rituals. Freaks in rabbit masks. Bullets. Lotta bullets. More on that soon. 

At any rate, I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of it here, and I’ll hope to have something new to share with you all in the near future. Until next time!  

The end date for my pre-order campaign was yesterday, and I’ve just received word that the refunds have been processed. Thanks to everyone on the Inkshares team for always being quick to answer my questions, I really appreciate it.

If you’re reading this, unfortunately, I didn’t make the cut. I’ve learned a lot over the last few months, and I’ve had a lot to think about regarding what I could’ve done better. One thing I’m sure of is that most of my pre-orders came from the Inkshares community itself. Those of you I have never met in person and ordered my novel solely off of interest in the material. That gives me hope that I might just have something of value here. Thank you all so much for that.

To my friends and family who ordered, I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. You put up with my extremely amateur marketing attempts for a long time and stuck with me anyway. You are forever awesome, and I can’t thank you enough.

To all my fellow contestants, I implore you, congratulate yourselves. You put yourself out there, and that is a HUGE step. If you didn’t get selected, or didn’t meet the quota, you still accomplished something. It’s not over.

Those of you who got the green light, congratulations as well. It was well-earned, and I look forward to diving into those stories.

As for me?

Not sure.

I have some decisions to make as far as the future of Ereshk, whether I give it another shot here or take my show on the road. Right now, I think I’ll be working on what I’ve got for a while and do everything I can to make it better. I owe you all that for getting me this far. Even though I didn’t make it, meeting you all has been an invaluable experience, and I’m glad for this crazy year.

The show must go on.

I’ll be sending out updates here to let you know what happens, and I’m active on Instagram if you like.

Thanks again everyone, it’s been an honor.

Until next time.

Oh, and there’s more stories I have to tell. 

Oh yeah. This is not the end.

Stay tuned.

The Horror Contest is down to a matter of hours now! I wanna express my deepest gratitude to you all for ordering, liking, following, reading, and putting up with these stupid messages. Congratulations to every contestant, its been a tough race, we should all be proud for getting out there and going after it. (That goes for the Mystery contestants as well). If you have time left on your pre-order campaigns, then the fight ain’t over ’til its over.

I wanna send a shout-out to the following authors for their feedback, advice, and in general being super cool:

Shane Lindemoen, Mia Carter, Christopher Huang, Celso Hurtado, Patrick R Delaney, Nick Nafpliotus, Tereyn Acevedo, Z.Z Traver, Chip Colquhoun, Tahani Nelson, Leo Valiquette, Michael James Welch, Paul Brad Logan, Dean Fearce, and if I forgot anybody right now, know that you’re awesome.

Thanks to my friends and family who ordered and have been putting up with me hocking Ereshk non-stop for the last couple months. Know that I still got a month to go. Bear with me guys.

And my warmest thanks goes double for Celia, Jena, Chelsea, Jaida, Tereyn, and Josh who is the owner of an exceptional mustache. You’re the best.

Thanks again everyone, good luck!

Safe to say its pretty much the home stretch for the Horror Contest. I wanna express my gratitude for those of you that have ordered Ereshk so far, it really means a lot. Even though I won’t be taking one of the top spots here, I consider the most valuable thing I’ve taken from this was interacting with my fellow competitors and being introduced to your projects. There’s definitely a lot of talent here, and I consider myself lucky to be among you all. Good luck to each of you, and that goes for everybody in the Mystery contest as well!

After the contest, Ereshk still has a month to hit the quota. No pressure, right?

Finish strong everyone!

Fancy new book trailer, available on Ereshk’s main page. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Halloween everyone! I’ve uploaded chapter 10 of Ereshk, sort of like a Halloween Special. Kind of like It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, only with more cults and murders and parasitic evil goddesses and stuff.

And thanks again to everyone who has pre-ordered so far, shared, reviewed, or didn’t immediately vomit and revoke my invitation to their wedding.

Once again, just want to toss a quick thank you out to everyone that pre-ordered this week. You rock. To the people that joined Inkshares just for me: You now get emails whenever I update something. I know. I’m sorry. Sort of. 

Special shout out to Celso Hurtado, 1st place in the Horror Contest with The Ghost Tracks, and Patrick R Delaney, 2nd place with The House That Fell From The Sky. Excellent authors, check them out if you haven’t already. I’m looking forward to both of their stories.

In the spirit of Halloween, I decided I’m going to put up one final sample chapter of Ereshk. We’re gonna follow along with Beckwith during a ritual in the inner sanctum of Abaddon Temple. Fun stuff.

Everyone else in either of the contests and anyone discovering how bad self-promotion and marketing sucks, as well as anyone grinding away on a draft right now: Hang in there. We’ll all get there sooner or later.

We’re about 2 weeks into the Inkshares Horror Contest, and I wanted to jump in and give a huge thank you to the 12 of you that have pre-ordered Ereshk thus far.

An extra special thank you to Christopher Huang, Shane Lindemoen, Mia Carter, and Tahani Nelson for the shout outs, advice and encouragement. No matter how this thing turns out, I’ll never forget how much you rock. Everyone else, I encourage you to check these excellent authors out if you haven’t already.

Competition is definitely stiff. I’ve been fighting tooth and nail for third place since the beginning, and what a fight it is. The Horror contest is full of some serious talent. The Ghost Tracks, The House That Fell From The Sky, and Snipe Hunt are taking the lead. And for good reason. I’m looking forward to checking these stories out when I’m not frantically trying to keep up with them on the scoreboard.

At any rate, good luck to all of us. One way or another, we’ll all get there eventually.

Good evening everyone!

Just a quick update for now, but if you weren’t already aware, Ereshk is now taking preorders, and is also entered in the 2018 Horror Contest.

Believe me, my friends and family are well aware and probably sick of hearing about it already.

I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone that has preordered so far, followed, left feedback, or just sent me a text saying "cool beans, man", Its all appreciated and means the damn world to me.

In the words of Hunter S Thompson: “We’d be fools not to ride this strange torpedo all the way out to the end.” 

We’ll all make it. Buy the ticket, take the ride.