Frederick Street's latest update for Ereshk

Mar 7, 2019

So its been a minute. Been away from Inkshares for the last couple of months, but I’ve been reading everyone’s updates pretty regularly. Looking forward to checking out all the new drafts on here. 

ERESHK is currently due for a full-tilt editing session before I start thinking about what route I want to use to get it into your hands and inside your heads. Its been tough on that front, maybe a lot of you can relate. When you get going on anything creative and then step away from it for a while, getting back into the same headspace you were in when you started can be rough. This year so far has felt more like 10 for me, but I’m starting to get the fire back for this story. More on that soon. 

I’ve recently submitted a short story for the possibility of being included in an upcoming erotic horror anthology, more on that soon. 

Elsewhere, I’ve been working on a new story tentatively titled "THE QUEEN MALIGNANT". Its a more compact, straight-forward and fast pace tale about Darcy, former Peshmerga volunteer turned security consultant for an LA escort service on the hunt for a missing prostitute. Sex dungeons. Snuff films. Black mass rituals. Freaks in rabbit masks. Bullets. Lotta bullets. More on that soon. 

At any rate, I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of it here, and I’ll hope to have something new to share with you all in the near future. Until next time!