Frederick Street's latest update for Ereshk

Oct 23, 2018

We’re about 2 weeks into the Inkshares Horror Contest, and I wanted to jump in and give a huge thank you to the 12 of you that have pre-ordered Ereshk thus far.

An extra special thank you to Christopher Huang, Shane Lindemoen, Mia Carter, and Tahani Nelson for the shout outs, advice and encouragement. No matter how this thing turns out, I’ll never forget how much you rock. Everyone else, I encourage you to check these excellent authors out if you haven’t already.

Competition is definitely stiff. I’ve been fighting tooth and nail for third place since the beginning, and what a fight it is. The Horror contest is full of some serious talent. The Ghost Tracks, The House That Fell From The Sky, and Snipe Hunt are taking the lead. And for good reason. I’m looking forward to checking these stories out when I’m not frantically trying to keep up with them on the scoreboard.

At any rate, good luck to all of us. One way or another, we’ll all get there eventually.