A. White
I want to see where this story goes, Clash with the Immortals, author.
A. White
The author does an excellent job in setting the atmosphere for his opening. That lets a reader know the exact elements of the story. Which direction it headed. I think that.
Lynn J Alford
The protagonist of this story has a dark past and that may lead him to great good or evil. First chapter is definitely worth a read.
Elizabeth Bollmann
I'm not one for long paragraphs of description so the opening had me a bit hesitant but I was pleasantly surprised.  The description was detailed enough to set up the location but didn't drag on.  The dialogue and character interaction kept the story moving forward at a steady pace.  You learn just enough about Nathan to know his initial motivation and wonder where he'll go next.  My biggest question is: Will he be good or evil?
Jesse Swinson
The Darkholme Chronicles paints a vivid story of what would happen if tragedy shaped our lives. The way Mark describes the world he has immersed us in is both beautiful and at times, terrifying. Very excited to see more.
Joseph Keeler
Truely an inspired writer! I love the characters so far and think each will have a very interesting story to tell. Looking forward to seeing more.
Jane-Holly Meissner
An dark beginning to what is sure to be an epic fantasy tale, well written and paced. Check it out!
jacob browning
Really drew me into it curious to see more.
J. Graham-Jones
A tortured hero and an introductory chapter that ends with an unexpected, dark twist.