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Lynn J Alford

A lover of fairy tales, folk stories, fantasy and any great tale.  Writer of fantasy. NaNoWriMo winner every year since 2011.  Loves dogs, learning new things and playing games. Website:
Lynn is the author of
A teenager needs to learn how to control his weather magic before he causes serious harm to those around him.
Various fantasy short stories - put into one book instead of many web pages.
Two prisoners are trained to fight a gladiator in the arena. Is survival possible for them? What if a goddess decides that she doesn’t approve of gladiator battles?
Books Lynn Recommends
Read this, it's amazing.
In a future where technology lets the living speak with the dead, the afterlife is big business. Families can be reunited, lost loves can be together again, aging rock stars can even play reunion shows with long dead bandmates... all for a price.
Impressive start to what should be a fascinating read.
Anna was just a Blank, one of the powerless few in a City of powerful people. She dreamed of being something more. She dreamed of saving the world. Now she is the most hated terrorist of all time. The question is, what happened to Anna?
Two talented local writers team up to produce something that should be excellent. Keep an eye on this one.
Inside these walls the past can still haunt you. Inside these walls the past can still kill you.
Books Lynn recently read
by Hans Christian Andersen
by Agatha Christie
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