Ken Lindsey's latest update for Clockwork Charlie

Jun 8, 2016

Hello again, Clockworkers!

Yep, that’s what I’m calling the followers of Clockwork Charlie.  I like it.  I think.  CLOCKWORKERS!

Anyhow, I hope you’ve all had a great week.  Mine has been hectic, but good.  I know we gained quite a few followers for the book during Draftshares Week, and that is amazing.  This community is so special, I know that I brought Clockwork Charlie to the right place.  I had so much fun during Draftshares (I even won a signed copy of Ageless by published Inkshares author, Paul Inman!) that I’ve decided to do a thing to keep the love going.  More info on that later in the update.

I was hoping to start delivering character profiles, but I’m not quite ready.  I’d really like to find some art to go along with them, and I still need to tighten them up and do some fact-checking in the manuscript before I’ll feel ready to put them out there.  They’re coming, though!  Soon I’ll have profiles for most of the major characters so that all of  you lovely Clockworkers can decide who you’re going to root for as the story unfolds. Charlie (of course), Mac, Nash, Cricket, Old Richard, and several more profiles are coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

This week I thought I’d share a couple of projects that I’m following, just in case you haven’t found them yet on your own.  I encourage you to follow these books and their authors, and make tons of pre-orders so they can get published asap.  Trust me, these titles deserve your love!

Proxy by Rebekka S. Leber has a great urban-fantasy feel mixed with a plethora of mythological figures and lore.  The writing is great, and the protagonist, Max, has a voice that is truly all her own.

Reset the System by Jeremy R. Strong has an excerpt that draws you in, just based on how imaginative and witty it is.  This one smacks of the classic dystopian stories like ’Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ while still welcoming lovers of more contemporary fiction.


And this brings me to the "thing" I mentioned at the beginning of the update.  Although, I’ve become a poor blogger with no sense of schedule over the last year or two, I still have a blog which counts several hundred page-views even when I don’t post, every month.  Much more when I do.  Starting this coming monday (very much in honor of Draftshares which has so recently ended) I would like to invite Inkshares authors the chance to display themselves and their projects on my blog.  Basically it would be an author profile and an introduction to their stories, with one or two images of their choosing.

Obviously, I don’t promise any specific results.  It’s only a chance to spread the word of your project on another tiny piece of this infinite little internet of ours.  If you are interested in taking part, message me here or post on the forum thread HERE.  I can’t say that everyone will be able to do this, since I’ll only be posting one profile per week, but I’ll do my best to spread the love!

That’s it for this week, thanks so much for reading and continuing to support Clockwork Charlie!