Writing. Editing. Writing. Editing. That’s been a typical day the last little while (those that’s a lie, I was on vacation for several days last week). 

Just wanted to update everyone who has supported me and this book, and are not on the Facebook page, to let you know that things are moving. I don’t yet know when the book will be published but we are in the midst of editing. As progress develops I will let you know!

Now, back to writing! Enjoy your day!


Ooh, and don’t forget you can pre-order Cape’s Side Bay still!

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How is production going?

Happy 2017!

I know it has been a long long time since any of you have heard anything from me. 2016 and Cape’s Side Bay got interesting.

At one point I thought we had hit full publishing, then it turned out we hadn’t, and the book was in limbo. I spoke with Inkshares and they were great, but I still wasn’t sure about the future of the book. Then, randomly, in November I received an email informing me that Cape’s Side Bay would be a participant in THE LIST contest. The final Inkshares contest of 2016. It was a contest were the participants were selected by Inkshares staff and peers. It meant a lot to me to see Cape’s Side Bay get a nomination. I, however, was exhausted and still not sure if participating in the list was something I had the energy to do. 
Ultimiately I decided it was worth a shot, and someone we were able to come out on top!

Cape’s Side Bay is getting published! It took a little longer than anticipated, but we did it. I could not have done it without all of you.

Thanks especially to my wife Erin for putting up with me and obsessing over the orders! And to my family and friends! It was quite an experience, one that has only just started.

A special congratulations to the other two books, Murder at the Veterans Club by Christopher Huang. When I first started thinking about my campaign I spoke to Christopher several times and he was a great help. I am extremely pleased to see his book reach full publishing!

Sorcery for Beginners by Matt Harry. He came up strong towards the end of the campaign and manage to bump up in the list and finish top 3!

I look forward to reading these books, and I look forward to all of you reading Cape’s Side Bay.

Happy 2017!


Also, please check out the Inkshares blog to fully understand the timeline in which you can expect Cape’s Side Bay. It will take around a year, but it will be worth it!

And if you haven’t ordered Cape’s Side Bay yet you STILL CAN! And at a discounted price! SAY WHHAAAATT?


Hello Cape’s Side Bayers!

Here we go! Officially 2 weeks left in the campaign!

It’s been a long 5 months and somewhat bitter sweet that the end of pre-orders is fast approaching.

We have just under 50 orders to go, ideally I’d love to hit that before the 2 weeks are up (this way I can take a much needed nap sooner!), but, you guys have been unbelievably supportive and somehow become more so with each passing day. I cannot thank you enough for the recommendations, the reviews, the prologue recommendations, and of course the orders.

If you haven’t ordered a copy, and want to, you can click on this link here:  https://www.inkshares.com/books/cape-s-side-bay


Today, with 2 weeks left, I’ll share the water colour painting my friend did for Cape’s Side Bay back in March (it was later used by fellow Inkshares author Tabi Card in the cover art you see on the page).

Hope you enjoy it and the rest of your weekend!

All the best,


It’s Thursday!

Hope you are all doing well on this fine day!

We are just over 2 weeks to go in the campaign and things are looking promising. I haven’t slept much over the past 4 months, and I don’t anticipate I will until this campaign comes to a close.

It’s #tbt today and so I will once again share a sketch, by my friend Ryan Howitt, for your viewing pleasure. This picture depicts an event in an already uploaded chapter. It’s Victor and his son on a hunting trip. He teaches his boy how to hunt, but something seems to be afoot!

You guys have been great, I cannot wait for you all to read the book. I worked extremely hard writing it, creating the rules of the world in which it exists and sticking to those rules.

It is more than it seems. I promise you it is more than just a monster story. It has depth, and consequences to it. It is something I am very proud of.

When I first pitched the book on Inkshares I described it as "Jaws meets Close Encounters." Now I’d describe is as "Stranger Things meets Stand By Me.

I promise you this is a story worth backing!

Thank you all for your ongoing support, it keeps me sane! 

Now, let’s finish strong!



Hello Cape’s Side Readers!

Here we are with under 20 days remaining! Unbelievable! Feels like yesterday I click the green button and made the campaign LIVE!

There isn’t enough space in these update messages to thank every person that has helped me along the way. The support given by friends, family, and the people here on Inkshares has been unbelievable and I am forever grateful.

With 19 days to go I wanted to do a bit of a throwback, of sorts, with a sketch from a chapter in the book. I won’t get away any specifics on it as it happens later on, but a friend of mine drew it and I really like it. I did post it in an update previously, but that was in March. I can’t believe we are already in mid August!

Labour Day is close at hand, and that is when Cape’s Side Bay takes place & the campaign comes to an end!


Enjoy your day, your summer, and everything in between (hopefully pre-ordering Cape’s Side Bay fits in there)!


Hello Cape’s Side Bayers!

This weekend has been nothing but smiles for me! Yesterday marked our BIGGEST day of the campaign with 21 orders!

These include being selected as the August pick for The Idiosyncraticate Syndicate! What an incredible boost for Cape’s Side Bay. Thank you so much to this syndicate and to everyone who has ordered, shared, and recommended! There are so many of you, and I truly appreciate it!

One last bit for today’s update: Today, August 14th, is my Mother’s birthday! She’s awesome and has been nothing but supportive of me and my wildly ridiculous dreams my entire life! So please wish her a happy birthday for me (and if you really want to make Mama proud, you can order a copy of Cape’s Side Bay!)


On that note, enjoy your Sunday, and all the best!

Happy Birthday, Mum!


Hello Cape’s Side Bayers!

Happy Saturday to all!

It has been quite an eventful week. 22 Days remain in the campaign. I decided to post the FRIDAY NIGHT chapter. It is still a rough draft of the chapter, so please keep that in mind. I hope you enjoy it. The SciFi elements are beginning to creep in and they really take flight in the following chapter: Monday Morning.  

You can read Friday Night in its entirety here: https://www.inkshares.com/books/cape-s-side-bay/book_segments/friday-night

So, 22 days to go, and just over 100 orders left! I hope we can make full publishing in time. I am confident we will, but time will tell.  If there’s anything you need to hear from me to convince you to order a copy, don’t hesitate to ask! I have answers. 

Once again thank you for all of the support you have shown, it’s been incredible and I feel blessed! 

I cannot wait to see how far we can take Cape’s Side Bay! Please, order today and let’s hit full publishing by September 4th!

Thanks for the time and enjoy your day!



Hello Cape’s Side Bayers!

 Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

 Yesterday I was greeted with some wonderful news! Cape’s Side Bay has been selected for the GREAT SCI FI syndicate pick for August! It always means a lot when your fellow authors, and people you respect, support your work, and believe in what you are doing. A big BIG thank you to the Great Sci Fi Syndicate, you’ve given me and Cape’s Side Bay a huge boost, and I am extremely grateful! I’ve attached below the reasoning and the shiny new button you can see on Cape’s Side Bay’s main page!

Also, if you are into science fiction I definitely recommend you check out this syndicateMatthew Isaac Sobin does a great job as the head of it, he finds fantastic science fiction books each month, and it was a pleasant surprise when he informed me that Cape’s Side Bay would be August’s selection.

Just over 100 orders to go! The home stretch continues. 

Please, as always, recommend, share, and order! Cape’s Side Bay is oh so close to becoming a reality. Let’s get it there!


All the best,


Hello Cape’s Side Bayers!

When I first started writing Cape’s Side Bay it was called The Woods or something like that, and it was a screenplay. I realized that I would never be able to raise a budget for such a film, and so I reworked it as a novel and gave it the title: Cape’s Side Bay.

I had no idea what I would do with it once it was written. I had never written a novel before. Then I was on twitter one day and saw something about a book called Abomination by Gary Whitta. I was intrigued, and so I looked for the book on Amazon, but it wasn’t there. I googled it and it took me to this site called Inkshares. I signed up, bought the book, then over the next couple of months got to know the site better and ordered some books I otherwise never would have found.

I decided in July 2015 that Inkshares would be the perfect place to publish Cape’s Side Bay.  Over the next six months I stayed onboard, writing and rewriting the manuscript, and watching other campaigns unfold on the site. What books succeeded, which didn’t (I was guilty of being gun shy on more than a few books, regrettably).  

I’m glad I dove into this wonderful world of Inkshares. I’ve come across some fantastic books, and better people. I look forward to sticking around long after my books campaign has come and gone, and the book is published (fingers crossed full-publishing).

26 days remain in this campaign. As I said before, I am exhausted, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!

I want to just send a couple notes to a few of my fellow authors on this site who have been extremely supportive and have some books you NEED to check out!

The Knightmares, by  G. A. Finocchiaro. I absolutely love this book, and think you will as well!  52 days left and almost at Quill! You don’t have to take my word for it, check out his guest post at Apotheosis Studios:  http://apotheosisstudios.com/blog/2016/8/5/the-knightmares-guest-post-by-inkshares-author-hopeful-g-a-finocchiaro

Squids In, by Matthew Poat. Yes, it’s a ridiculous premise. Yes, it’s awesome! Check this one out, and don’t be afraid of it! Squids don’t bite (not that I know of) and this one is well worth your time! 31 days left to order! Don’t wait!

SideScroller, by Andrew Fantasia. I’ve known Andrew for around 10 years, so maybe I’m a bit biased, but I’m not. This is another Video Game book, and its a doozy. Andrew’s an exceptionally talented writer, I’ve read a bunch of his other work, and he will always have my support. He has 21 days left with over 100 orders needed to hit Quill!

That’s all for me. Enjoy your day and take care!



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