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Chapter 1

“Pack your things, sister dear.  It seems you've been bought.”

Thana placed the ruby-red gova fruit into the bowl on the wooden table with a thunk.  Confusion filled her eyes as she looked up at her older sister.  Enida stared back at her, smugly, with hands on her hips.  

“What?” Thana whispered as she placed a hand on her chest.

Each breath struggled for freedom from her lungs.  She licked her lips nervously as her older sister's eyes darkened with mirth.  Enida laughed at her, then grabbed her sister's dark, curly hair, forcing her to her feet.  Thana yelled out in pain, tears stinging her blue-violet eyes.  She clawed at Enida's hands, but Enida just laughed even more.

“I think you heard me. Father decided your service in our household is no longer necessary,” the elder woman sneered.

Enida gave her sister a shove with enough force to knock Thana to the floor.  She sprawled on the treated dark wood, face covered to hide the looming tears.

She knew it would come to this someday.  No high-ranking Demon Lord wanted a half-human as a child.  Her father's townsmen and her sister constantly reinforced that she was a blemish on the world.  And, despite it not being her fault that she was brought into the world, they hated her very being.

But she'd been a good child.  No matter how much pain she felt, she was obedient to her father and sister's every whim.  Pain filled her as she realized all of that didn't make up for being a half-breed.

“I have done everything for you.  Everything you could have asked.  Have ever asked,” Thana whimpered.

She didn't look up, but she felt Enida kneel beside her.  The other woman's face was close enough that Thana could feel hot breath on her neck.

“It is not what you have done for us,” she said with sweet venom, “it's what you could not.  You cannot undo your birth.”

A knock at the door thundered through the home.  Enida stood up quickly with an excited hoot.  Thana pulled her head from the floor as though it were heavy.  She watched her sister rush across the room until she reached the large oak doors of the estate.  

Enida smoothed her red velvety dress with both her hands and fluffed her hair.  Satisfied with her appearance, she opened the door with a bright smile.  

The man beyond the door looked like a beautiful death.  His hair was waved gold and his skin whiter than milk.  He gave Enida a cordial smile along with a deep bow.  Enida curtsied in return, then offered him entry into the home.

Shaky, Thana sat up from the floor.  She drew her knees to her body and wrapped her arms around her calves.  Behind her dark curls, she watched the man walk into what was once her home.  His eyes were on her as he gallantly moved across the floor with barely a sound.  He reminded her of a cat stalking its prey.

He stood before her, pale pink lips curled into a wicked smile.  The man raised an eyebrow at her as his crystal-blue eyes traveled along her mostly hidden body.  When he'd completed his search, those piercing eyes rolled back to her face and it caused a shiver down her spine.  Those eyes reminded her of ice and she hated the look of them, yet she couldn't look away.

Enida moved beside Thana and kicked her thigh, causing her to jump.  Her eyes shot up to her sister who looked down at her with a sneer.

“Have you no respect?  Greet our guest properly.”

Thana's eyes glossed with unshed tears.  She shook her head quickly in refusal.  

“You little retch,” Enida growled, grabbing at Thana's arm.  

The guest took hold of Enida, placing his hand across her cheek.  As easily as he'd done Thana, he'd captured the elder girl with his unblinking eyes.  He grinned, displaying perfect, pointy teeth.  Thana took the opportunity to slide away.

“Now, now, young one,” his voice was a sensual whisper, “I believe she and I will have much time to become acquainted.”  His long finger nails dug into Enida's skin enough to bleed her.  Thana gasped, yet felt a perverse pleasure in the act.  It was about time someone else got hurt.

He let Enida go with a thrust, causing her head to jerk back.  She placed a hand on her cheek as her body heaved with shallow breaths.

“My apologies,” she murmured.

Her eyes cut across to Thana cowering next to the lounge.  The look was scornful enough that Thana knew she would pay in these last moments in the home.  When she looked back at the stranger, Enida gave him a forced, polite smile.

“This way, sir.  Father is in his study,” she said as she gave him a short bow.

The pale man raised a brow at Thana before following her sister towards the office.  Thana had a moment to let it sink in.  She knew they hated her, but never figured them cruel enough to sell her as Vampire fodder.  Another sob shook her chest, but she quickly wiped away the fresh tears.  She didn't dare let them see her cry ever again.

She thought to run as hard and fast as her body would allow, but in her heart, she knew that it was pointless.  There was nowhere to run and without the little protection her family had to offer, she would surely perish by the hands of the other Demons.  So, she waited, nerves on edge, for her purchaser to collect her.  She didn't bother packing anything, deciding only to worry with what she had on her person.  After all, she only had one treasure: her mother's ring that she wore every day.

Some time passed before the Vampire man returned to the sitting room, giving her a quick look as he walked by.  Hands roughly grabbed her shoulders, using them to lift her with ease.  Instantly, she knew it was her sister.  Enida launched her in the direction of the strange man without so much as a farewell.  Of course, this didn't surprise Thana; in fact, the coolness of it wrapped around her, reminding her that anywhere could be better than this home that was never a home.

Though she felt rejected, she held her head high and didn't look back.  She pushed her body toward the future waiting patiently with his hand on the doorknob.  Once she was within a few feet of him, he opened the door, grabbed her arm, and walked through.

“Don't worry, sweeting,” he whispered to her seductively, “Your Master Rhoe is going to take such good care of you.”

He looked down at her, eyes full of some madness and a lewd smile across his lips.  Fear rushed through her body from the sudden knowledge of what could happen to her.  Her knees gave way, causing her to slump.  The man grabbed her around the waist, quicker than lightning, and pulled her against his body.  He grinned happily as his face inched its way towards hers.  His cold lips brushed against hers, shocking her enough that she turned away, ashamed.  She grabbed his shoulder and tried to shove him away, but he held his grip firmly.  He pressed his face against her cheek, biting her skin there, but not hard enough to break it.

“You have a fire in there, don't you, Pet?  I like that,” he laughed.  “It has been a long time since I've been warm.”

He lifted her then, with a graceful ease, and led her to his carriage.  His footman quickly opened the elaborate white and gold door, bowing slightly in the process.  

“Let us head home,” Master Rhoe said to the man. “I am sure Daddy is waiting,” his tone was sarcastic.

“Yes, m'lord,” the footman drolled.

Master Rhoe unceremoniously tossed Thana onto one of the coach's soft, red, velvety seats, then eagerly followed within.  The coach door slammed shut, locking Thana in the dark with her personal devil.  A ball of golden magical light filled the space, giving just enough to make out Master Rhoe's face hovering too close to hers. She sank herself into the seat, hoping that somehow it would help her escape.

One of his hands wrapped around her neck, gently caressing her.  His sharp thumbnail smoothed across her jaw, whisper soft.  

“Don't fret,” he cooed, “you and I are going to have such fun.  You'll learn to love me.  I assure you.”

She couldn't hold down the whimper in her throat.  It escaped her as she closed her eyes to hide from his greenish glowing orbs.  

“P-please, let me go.  I'm worthless to you.  A halfling!  I'm not even good enough for your food.”

He snorted, “That, m'dear, is your silly sister and father talking.” He used his long, thin index finger of his free hand to trace one of her cheeks. “I can smell your power hovering around your skin.  Something lies within and I'm going to use it.” The Vampire grabbed one of her hands, bringing the palm to his lips.  “And I am going to very much enjoy using you.”

“Then use me, bed me, then free me.”

“Oh, dear girl, I wish not to bed you solely for a night.”

It took every ounce of courage for her to ask, “Then what?”

“Bed you until I kill you.”

She didn't cry out in dismay, though it filled her to the point of pain.  When she heard his deep, rumbling laugh, she dared to open her eyes, finding them filled with a dark mirth.  

“Silly girl,” he chastised, “I have more use of your services than simply sex.  I could get such at the nearest whore house. No,” he whispered as he stroked her face gently, “I have other plans for you in the long run.”

His hand trailed from her face, to her neck, down to the mound of her breast, which filled his entire hand.  He squeezed the flesh there, kneading it with his knowledgeable fingers.  Despite her fears and grief, the sensation of someone touching her private place roused something in her.  She tried her best to deny it, but her face still flushed in embarrassment, especially as the bud of the mound began to harden.

“But, for now,” he said, pausing for a moment to lick his pink lips, “A taste will suffice.”

He bent over her until his mouth touched her neck and his fangs prickled at her skin.  She could feel the beginnings of him tearing into her skin when began to struggle beneath his touch.  

“I-I thought the Demons didn't taste good to your kind.”

He stopped his nibbling to speak. “Usually.  But as you point out, you are a halfbreed.  Something tells me you will be the sweetest of all I have ever tasted.”

Master Rhoe bared down on her skin, but still not hard enough to feed.  Instead, he broke it enough for a few drops of her blood to spill, then licked her skin as he groaned softly.  His hand, originally enjoying her breast, slid down her body until it reached her silky thigh. Slowly, it began to move beyond the tattered hem of her dress and closer to the thin material covering her womanhood.

Fearful of the pending violation, she grabbed his hand at his wrist.  He stopped nibbling her neck, instead growled.

“You will not keep me from what I paid dear coin on, Pet.” Roughly, he jerked her hand away, then placed it back on her thigh with more insistence than before. “You belong to me.  Never forget that, not even once.  And I will take what is mine when I want, how often I want, and exactly how I want it.”

In an instant, he was between legs, one hand forcing her leg against the headrest of the seat and the other between his body and the edge of the seat.  “Now let me show you how giving I can be.”

He took the smooth, brown skin of her thigh into his mouth and bared down on it with his sharp teeth.  The tearing of her skin tore a pain-fill cry from her trembling lips.  Master Rhoe chuckled at her—a dark, hungry sound that shook her core.  The vampire sucked on her skin, drinking in the salty, metallic blood spilling from his bite, but not as though she were a meal.  No, he was savoring the flavors of her, pulling blood from all over her body until her lower half felt achingly full beneath her skin.  Despite herself, she felt feverish like he was trying to burn her from within using her own blood.  Her intimate parts swelled and clenched, sending a wave of pleasure through her, forcing her heart to race and head to spin.

The waves came quickly, in a never ending circle.  She moaned out, unable to keep the cries inside of her.  Against her will, her body began moving, undulating with his munitions.  At the moment when she thought she would drown in sensation, her insides squeezed tightly, then it was as though her entire being were falling deep, deep down off a cliff into a pool of bliss.

When she came back from the abyss of pleasure, she found Master Rhoe grinning at her with blood stained teeth.  He licked them in a long swipe cleaning them as he practically purred like a content, mischievous kitten.

“Like that, did you?” he coaxed.  “Would you like another?”

She stared at him through a haze of desire mixed with contempt.  Thana could barely understand his words.  Instead, her overly sensitive body, eager to experience the sensation again answer for her.  She arched her back, offering herself to Rhoe in a silent plea.

He returned to her, placing his mouth on the fresh wounds once more.  When she let out a cry from the sharp pain it caused, she saw his eyes close.  He seemed to savor her agonized moans as he did her life's blood. And, despite that pain, pleasure began to surge through her again, sweeping away her resolve.

When he seemed to have enough of her blood, he shifted his face till he lined up with her barely covered womanhood.  Thana's eyes widened as his fingers began to pull her undergarment to the side, exposing her completely.  Fear surging down her spine, she tried to move away, but Master Rhoe's grip tightened on her, forcing her to remain still.

He went back to his task, slipping a finger down down her slit.  Gasping from the sensation it caused, Thana arched her back and her hips danced around on their own accord.  

“My, my,” he whispered with a growl, “Pet seems hungry.  I will make you go again, soon.”

His cold finger returned from its starting place until it found her very sensitive nub.  With teasing delicacy, the finger traced that spot in circles, over and over.  Thana couldn't help the eager sounds escaping her, of course, Master Rhoe tried everything in his ability to cause them.

When she could bare no more and that shining edge of orgasm was no more than a second away, he stopped.  Thana growled with frustration, though the sound quickly turned to a gasp.  His finger dipped inside of her!  She could feel the inner walls of her stretching across the long, but thin digit with sharp spasms of pain.

“Mmm, so wet, my pet,” he laughed. “And so surprisingly tight.”  He sniffed the air as one would smell a fine wine. “Ha!  Too rich...A virgin in my midst.”

He took the finger from her and gave it a long lick.  He sucked in a long breath.

“Oh my...” he groaned.

 What he did next frightened her more than ever.  His face moved completely between her legs until his cold, wet tongue could dive between her lips.  It circled her hardened bud hungrily until the point of almost hurting, yet at the same time, felt more incredible than anything she'd ever experienced.

His finger dived within again and her body clutched onto him, sucking his finger as though desperate to devour him.  Ever so slowly, he moved it back and forth, in and out, at first with teasing slowness, but as she got closer, he moved faster.  Her breath caught in her throat as the rest of her tightened with climax.  The pleasure burst through her, waves of it crashing upon each other until she screamed.

Master Rhoe stayed with her until her spirit quieted.  When she could finally see past the haze of the experience, she found him staring at her with an almost human smile.  If it weren't for the unnatural stillness of him and his blood smeared face, she would have thought of him as gentle.  She didn't dare let him fool her, though he had already made her a fool...

Quickly as she could after barely recovering, she moved away from him, sitting up in the velvety seat.  She wrapped her arms around her legs and cowered into a corner of the carriage.  He “tsked” her as he settle opposite seat, crossing his long arms.

“You should be happy, little Pet.  No one else has ever experienced my particular art of pleasure.” He licked his lips then blew her a kiss. “And only you shall have that satisfaction,” he said, and then added in a dark whisper, “for you are mine.”

Revulsion swept through her, but she managed to keep her rising stomach where it belonged.  She turned away to watch the streets rush by through black tinted windows.  There was no hope of escape, this much she knew, not unless she sought death.  He had her bought...