Kelsey Rae Barthel's latest update for Beyond The Code

Nov 23, 2020

Hey Everyone!!

Beyond the Masquerade has been up and competing in the 2020 All-Genre Manuscript contest for a couple days now and it’s doing great. Because of you, we have climbed up to 2nd place but this is only the beginning. We have to keep climbing to try and take the top. I know that might seem like a hearty endeavor but I think, with your support, we can make it. And if we don’t take first, at least we’ll put a sizable dent in the campaign goal. So if you’re as passionate about the continuation of this epic adventure, follow the link below and show your support.

And if you haven’t experienced the story that started it all, you can get a digital copy of Beyond the Code for FREE through and .ca. Follow the links below.

Let’s make this sequel a reality!!!